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Computational fluid dynamics(CFD) is a very important tool to solve complex mathematical equations for engineering systems that includes fluid and fluid-solid interfaces. For much more complex systems, these partial differential equations get more complex. So, computational systems are generally required to solve these complex equations. 

There are various kinds of CFD software packages available in the market and customers are acquiring these packages according to their needs. One of them is the Autodesk® CFD tool. You can find detailed information about Autodesk® CFD FEA software here. 

What is Autodesk® CFD Tool? 

Like other FEA software, Autodesk® CFD is a CEA software to solve basic and complex CFD problems and visualize them for the user. Users can see the situation of a fluid system without creating a prototype of it. There are various capabilities of the Autodesk® CFD tool; 

  • If you are a designer of fluid control systems such as fittings valves etc. you can use Autodesk® CFD to see the pressure drops and flow distributions which are essential for this area. 
  • Heat transfer and temperature distribution of various engineering systems both for solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces can be modeled with the Autodesk® CFD tool. 
  • Simulation interfaces between liquids and gases are also applicable in Autodesk® CFD tools to simulate waves, spillage, etc. 
  • Rotating turbomachinery can also be modeled in Autocad CFD to see the optimum input and output results. 
  • Radiation modeling of different electronic and electric parts can be done in Autodesk® CFD
  • Condensation modeling can be done with Autodesk® CFD

Intelligent Meshing and Mesh Sizing

Mesh structures are one of the most important parts of CAE analyses. It must be created intelligently to obtain correct and accurate results. Autodesk® CFD provides an automatic mesh sizing tool to automatically optimize the mesh sizes according to the problem and geometry. 

Have a Free Trial!

If you want to try the Autodesk® CFD capabilities for your specific applications, you can try it for free for 30 days! Check this link to download and install the free version of Autodesk® CFD! 

Application Examples of Autodesk® CFD

  • General introduction of Autodesk® CFD; 
  • Check the video that shows wind tunnel application for aerodynamic designs; 
  • A very interesting study shows modeling wind in a stadium; 


As you understand, Autodesk® CFD is a very good alternative to simulate different kinds of CFD problems. It will be a very good alternative if you are using Autodesk® CAD products to integrate them into the Autodesk® CFD tool. 

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