A Leading Cable Manufacturer In The World: ZW Cable!

Production technologies that are used in cable production are developing day by day. If you are to buy or acquire the lastest technology cables for different applications, check our recommendation that produces different kinds of cables for different applications: https://zwcables.com/

Latest Technology Cables That Are Produced By ZW Cables! 

ZW Cables is the market dominator and leader in the production of different types of cables. You can see here the types of cables that are produced by the ZW Cables! 

Electrical Cables

According to the application voltages, ZW Cable produces electrical cables for different voltages up to 35 kV. All the electrical cables are compatible with IEC 60502-1 and GB standards. Also, different types of electrical cables are available: Flame Retardant & LSZH Cable & PVC Cables. You can order large stocks of electrical cables of different sizes from ZW Cable! Airport, ABC, and Armoured electrical cables are also produced by ZW Cables! 

Electrical Wires

Electrical wire production according to the IEC and GB standards is also another profession of ZW Cables. Electrical wires that are produced by ZW Cables can be used in a very wide range of temperatures between -20 degrees to +70 degrees. Class 6 copper conductors are used in these electrical wires. Nominal voltages of these electrical wires 450/750V 300/500V. Flexible wires, house wires, automobile wires, hook-up wires, thin wires are around the various types of wires produced by ZW Cables. 

Trailer Wires

ZW Cables is specialized in the production of special trailer wires. Flame Retardant & LSZH Cable trailer wires are produced according to the IEC 60092-3 Series Standards. All the trailer wires that are produced by the ZW Cables are approved by ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR, NK, RINA. Around the types of trailer wires, 4 wire trailer wires and 7 wire trailer cables are produced. 

Solar Cables

Solar technologies are developing each year around the world. Maybe the solar energy production sites are the fastest-growing energy market. ZW Cable has a profession of the production of solar cables for solar panels and solar energy production sites. Solar cables are produced according to the TUV and H1Z2Z2-K standards and approved by them. Tinned Copper and Double XLPO technologies are used in solar cables. You can acquire large stocks of high-quality solar cables from ZW Cables. 0.6/1KV capacities of solar cables are manufactured. 25 years of service life is guaranteed by ZW Cables. The types of the produced solar cables: PV Wire, MC4 Cable, 10 AWG Solar Cable, and Twin Solar Cable. 

Battery Cables

Battery cables are produced by ZW Cables in IEC, GB, and Rohs standards. Flexible and durable battery cables are manufactured with class 5 copper conductors. Different colors are available. These types of battery cables are produced: 35 millimeters battery cable, car battery cable, twin battery cable, power wire, 2/0 battery cable, 2-gauge battery cable, 4-gauge battery cable, and 6-gauge battery cable. 

Welding Cables

The cables that are used in different welding practices are produced with ZW Cables! Welding cables are approved by Rohs, CE, GB, and IEC standards. Large stocks of welding cables can be ordered from ZW Cables in different sizes. 450/750V of welding cables are available. The types of welding cables that are produced by ZW Cable; H07RN-F cable, rubber cables, 2-gauge welding cables, 4-gauge welding cables, and 1/0 welding cables. 

High-Temperature Wires

High-temperature applications of cables and wires are used in different industries. To satisfy all these requirements, high-temperature wires and cables are produced by ZW Cables according to the UL, Rohs StandardUL, and Rohs standards. Teflon or silicone insulations are used. The temperature range is -80 Celsius degrees to +200 Celcius degrees. PTFE, FEP, and Teflon materials are available. 

Visit And Contact With ZW Cables Specialists!

You can contact the ZW cables to share your needs and take the best prices according to your needs! Visit https://zwcables.com/ to see all the products and contact them to ask your questions! 


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