A Superior Multiphysics FEA Software: LS-DYNA®

Multiphysics is a very important engineering practice, especially in mechanical engineering. With multiphysics calculations, you can observe and interpret physical conditions where different kinds of engineering practices are on stage. For example, if you want to simulate a car crash accident to see the behavior of your design in an accident, different kinds of practices such as non-linearities, linearities, material behavior, etc. are in stage. 

There is various multiphysics FEA software available in the engineering sector. According to the needs of customers, one of this FEA software can be selected. LS-DYNA® is an advanced FEA software to develop and simulate engineering-level multiphysics systems. 


LS-DYNA® is acquired by ANSYS® in 2019 and it can be purchased as a part of ANSYS FEA software. Apart from other FEA software for specific tasks, LS-DYNA® is mainly used for real-world simulations. 

In different parts of industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, construction etc. LS-DYNA® is the main FEA simulation software. 

Capabilities of LS-DYNA® FEA Software

  • The most important capability of LS-DYNA® software, large-deformation simulations can be modeled such as sheet metal production.
  • Materials that have elastic nature can be modeled. 
  • Chemical explosions such as underwater explosions for military applications. 
  • Non-linear dynamics. 
  • Thermal and fluid analyses. 
  • Fatigue analyses and crack propagation analyses. 
  • Radiation analyses.
  • Modeling of electromagnetic systems. 

Applications of LS-DYNA® FEA Software

Automotive Design

In the automotive industry, LS-DYNA® is heavily used for car-crash applications to see the behaviors and states of air-bag systems, accelerometers, pretensioners, sensors, etc. 

Sheetmetal Forming

Sheetmetal forming applications in the industry include non-linear material characteristics which can be successfully modeled with LS-DYNA® FEA software. 

Off-shore Applications

Off-shore applications include gas pipelines, off-shore gas stations, etc. There can be different natural effects on these engineering systems such as wind, tsunami, wave impact, etc. Simulations of these situations in LS-DYNA® are possible. 

Military and Defense

Military applications such as warheads, rail guns, and projectile penetration can be modeled and simulated in LS-DYNA® Multiphysics FEA software. 

LS-DYNA® Youtube Tutorials and Videos

  • There is a very useful beginner tutorial of LS-DYNA® on YouTube which includes the use of finite element method tools and practices of them; 
  • Take a look at the ball drop on a block simulation example in LS-DYNA® FEA Software; 
  • A car collision modeling and simulation in LS-DYNA®; 
  • Tool cutting simulation in LS-DYNA® which is encountered in machining operations in manufacturing; 
  • Bird strike simulation on the blade in LS-DYNA® FEA software which also can be encountered in aviation crashes; 


So, LS-DYNA ®is a very useful finite element software to simulate complex real-world simulations. 

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