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A Very Extensive CAE Tool: ABAQUS®

In the FEA software world, there are various kinds of choices between software producers according to what they are capable of, pricing, and other features. In general, big R&D companies, academicians, students, and other medium-sized engineering companies are using FEA and CAE software to simulate their systems and projects before implementing them in the real world.

There are lots of kinds of FEA software, if you want to get to know them, click here to see the article about it.

One of this FEA software is ABAQUS® or ABAQUS® FEA which is also extensively used FEA and CAE software in different means. Here you can find detailed information about ABAQUS® FEA software. 

What is ABAQUS® FEA?

ABAQUS® is an extensively and commonly used FEA and CAE software around other FEA software. ABAQUS® comes with 5 modules that users can benefit from them; 

ABAQUS® Standard

This module of ABAQUS® consists of standard finite element analysis tools that are used in implicit FEA analyses. If you need a general-purpose traditional FEA tool, you can acquire this module of ABAQUS®. 

ABAQUS® Explicit

Many times, engineers and companies are designing non-linear systems that employ hard-to-predict physical models. Non-linearity is a very big and ambiguous problem in engineering design and FEA systems must be well-built for non-linearities. 

ABAQUS® Explicit module includes explicit solvers with transient loads which allow to solve highly transient and non-linear engineering problems. 


ABAQUS® CAE is a general and multi-purpose mechanical design and component analyzer with pre-processor and post-processor. Also, the post-processor of ABAQUS® CAE can be acquired in the name of an ABAQUS® Viewer to analyze the completed CAE problems in the ABAQUS® pre-processor. 


CFD is a very important tool for engineers and people dealing with systems containing fluid. CFD is a very good tool to visualize a fluid system before it is implemented physically. 

ABAQUS® CFD is a module that comes with pre-processing and post-processing capabilities of computational fluid dynamics. 

ABAQUS® Electromagnetics

FEA solutions are also extensively used for electromagnetic problems. ABAQUS® provides a module to solve these problems with an approach of FEA. 

It is a Very Rooted Software

ABAQUS® is firstly released in 1978. From this date, there are lots of versions are released with different innovations to serve its users. So, ABAQUS® is the most used and most known FEA software. 

Because of its different capabilities, it is used in aerospace, automotive and industrial products industries. Various kinds of problems are solved with ABAQUS® FEA tools. 

ABAQUS® is firstly released for solving non-linear problems. So capabilities of ABAQUS® tools to solve non-linear problems are well-developed. Elastomeric and hyperelastic problems can be solved with ABAQUS® FEA tools. 

CATIA® Integration of ABAQUS®

As we stated above, ABAQUS® involves pre-processing, processing, and post-processing tools which are necessary for healthy FEA solutions. Dassault Systemes provides advanced ABAQUS® processing and post-processing tools in the CATIA environment.

A YouTube Chanel

On this youtube channel, you can find very useful information and tutorials about FEA and ABAQUS® SIMULIA®. 

For example, you can find out various videos about fluids and CFD applications in the real applications with ABAQUS® CFD; 


ABAQUS® is a very useful and extensively used CAE software by engineers and engineering companies. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ABAQUS® FEA software below! 

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us! 

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