Adjusting Alternate Units In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

There is an option in Autocad for dimensioning units. With this option, you can show two of units in dimensions in Autocad technical drawings. One of dimensions shown primarily and second one is shown inside pharanteses. In here, we will show you how to adjust your dimension display in this way in Autocad.

How To Show 2 Dimension Units In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Manage Dimension Styles…’ in Autocad.

To open the options for dimensions in Autocad, click on ‘Annotation’ then click on line standard which is ‘ISO-25’ above, then click on ‘Manage Dimesion Styles…’ as shown by green arrow above.

Dimension Style Manager In Autocad.

After clicking on ‘Manage Dimension Styles’ in Autocad, window like above will be opened. You can see the all the dimension style in the list that is shown in red box. Also you can do adjustments on these dimension styles with option in green box above in Autocad.

If you click on ‘New’, button you can create your own dimension style in Autocad and, if you click on ‘Modify…’ button, you can edit the selected dimension style from list.

Alternate Units options in Autocad.

After clicking on ‘Modify…’ button, click on ‘Alternate Units’ as shown by green arrow in appeared screen. If you click on ‘Display Alternate Units’ as shown in green box above, you can adjust alternate units. You can select secondary alternate unit as; Decimal, Engineering, Architecture, Scientific, Fractional Stacked, Architectural Stacked and Windows Desktop units.

You can adjust the alternate unit’s placement as ‘After primary value’ or ‘Below primary value’ as shown by orange arrows above.

Precision of alternate unit can be adjusted up to 8 decimal numbers as shown by blue arrow above.


You can add a automatic prefixes or suffixes into your alternate units as shown in blue box. What typed in these boxes will shown after or before your alternate units in drawing window in Autocad.

Alternate unit displaying in Autocad.

Zero suppression options that are shown in magenta box is the suppression of unnecessary zeros in alternate units. For example your alternate dimension is 0.005, if you select ‘Leading’ option as shown by magenta arrow, this value will be suppresses as .005. If you select the ‘Trailing’ option, 0.05000 will be suppressed as 0.05.

Click on ‘OK’ to save adjustments that you done for alternate units in Autocad.

These are the generl options for alternate units in Autocad. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about alternate units in Autocad below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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