Adjusting Lineweight And Other Options Of Dimension Lines In AutoCAD

Dimensioning in technical drawings is very important. You need to make dimensioning according to adopted standards. Also Autocad provides options to adjust your dimension lines according to standards or according to yourself. In here, we explained how to adjust dimension line characteristics in Autocad 2D.

How To Adjust Dimension Line Parameters In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Manage Dimension Styles…’ in Autocad.

To open the line options for dimensions in Autocad, click on ‘Annotation’ then click on line standard which is ‘ISO-25’ above, then click on ‘Manage Dimesion Styles…’ as shown by green arrow above.

Dimension Style Manager In Autocad.

After clicking on ‘Manage Dimension Styles’ in Autocad, window like above will be opened. You can see the all the dimension style in the list that is shown in red box. Also you can do adjustments on these dimension styles with option in green box above in Autocad.


If you click on ‘New’, buttoni you can create your own dimension style in Autocad and, if you click on ‘Modify…’ button, you can edit the selected dimension style from list.

Line options for dimension and extension lines in Autocad.

After clicking on ‘Modify’ button, window like above will be appeared. In a standard dimension lines in Autocad, there are two section; Dimension lines and Extension lines. Dimension lines are the lines that has arrows and dimension value on it. Extensions lines are the vertical lines that dimension lines show dimension according to these lines.

So you can do your adjustments for these two of lines individually. For dimension lines, you can do your adjustments from ‘Dimension lines’ section as shown in red box above in Autocad. You can define color, linetype, lineweight, baseline spacing from here. Also you can supress one side of dimension line that will be only one arrow at one side by clickink on ‘Dim line 1’ or ‘Dim line 2’ to suppress.

All the same logic is valid for extension lines in green box. You just select different linetypes for each extension lines.

‘Extend beyond dimension lines’ option shown in blue box above defines the excessive extension line length after the arrows of dimension lines.

‘Offset from origin’ option shown in orange box above defines from how many distance that extension lines will start according to dimensioned feature.

You can also fixed extension line length as shown by orange arrows above. Click on ‘OK’ to save your adjustments in Autocad.

These are the options of dimension and extension lines in Autocad. Do not forget to leave your comments about line options for dimension lines in Autocad below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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