Adjusting Text Heights, Fonts And Other Options In AutoCAD

Texts are generally used in most technical drawings to show additional information. Also, you can add texts into your technical drawing or 2D drawing in AutoCAD®. And you can change the default options of these texts in AutoCAD®. Here, we explain how to change default text height, font, and other features in AutoCAD®.

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How To Adjust Text Options In AutoCAD®?

Click on ‘Manage Text Styles’ in AutoCAD®.

To change text default settings in AutoCAD®, click on the pop-up menu at the ‘Annotation’ segment in AutoCAD® as shown by the red arrow above. Then click on the first text styles as shown by the green arrow then click on the ‘Manage Text Styles…’ button as shown in the green box above.

Create or set a default text style in AutoCAD®.

If you click on the ‘Manage Text Styles…’ button, the ‘Text Style Manager’ window will open as above. First of all, there are all the text styles are listed as shown in the green box above. You can select one of these text styles by clicking on one of them then pressing the ‘Set Current’ button as shown by the red arrow above.

If you want to create another text style, you can click on the ‘New…’ button as shown by the green arrow to create another text style in the list.

Change the default text styles in AutoCAD®.

To change a selected text style as shown by the red arrow, for example, click on style for one time.

You can adjust the font of this text style and font style such as italic, bold, etc. as shown by the red box above. Just select from the given lists above.

Also, you can adjust the height of your text from the green box above. Enter the default text height that you want. If you enter 0 to here, the text height will be defaulted by AutoCAD®.


‘Width Factor’ is the spacing between letters in text. If you enter the higher number into this, much more spacing will be obtained. ‘Oblique Angle’ is the leaning angle as shown by the green arrow above. You can adjust these two parameters as shown in the orange box above.

You can make your text upside down and backward orientation from options that are shown by orange arrows. The effect can be seen from the preview as shown by the green arrow.

Click on the ‘Apply’ and ‘Close’ buttons to save all the changes for AutoCAD® text options.


These are the general options of AutoCAD® default texts. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about default text options in AutoCAD® below. Also, these options are very important options that you need to make for your comfort. With these basic adjustments, you can easily change the appearance of your screen without any problem.

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