Air Expanding Shaft Manufacturers

There are different kinds of air expanding shaft manufacturers from different sides of the world. This is the complete guide that you can get for these tools. You just need to check the general suppliers below. And also, you can contact us to get the best quote about this business.

❬Top Air Expanding Shaft Manufacturers

Air Expanding Shafts

Air expanding shafts are very common tools that are used by different kinds of companies. Because they provide very good versatility to apply pressure on the parts.

In manufacturing and other operations, fitting the circular parts can be required. So, air expanding shafts are generally used.

The general working principle of the air expanding shafts, is you are applying a compressed wait to the inlet side of the shaft. And this air inflates the rubber or other materials to extend the diameter of the shaft. And shaft holds the workpiece in a very tight way to apply extra pressure on them.

It is because there are different kinds of users of the air expanding shafts, and there are various kinds of manufacturers of them. Finding a proper manufacturer can not be easy.

Different Types of Air Expanding Shafts

Aie expanding shaft manufacturers are generally manufacturing different kinds of air expanding shafts in general. The most common air expanding shaft configurations are as below.

Lug Types

In lug-type air expanding shafts, there are multiple apertures that the rubber material comes from these openness sections when the compressed air is applied. They provide a very good attachment between the circular elements and the shafts.

And also detachment of these kinds of shafts are very easy. You just need to drain the compressed air from the rubber element to detach it from the workpieces.

The maintenance of the lug-type air expanding shafts is easy if we compare it with other kinds of applications.

Recommended Lug Type Air Expanding Shaft Manufacturer: Kody Rube Tech.

Leaf Types

This is another important shaft that most manufacturers are using. There are leaves at the outside of the shaft where the tight attachment takes place between the shaft and the workpiece.

The main advantage of the leaf air expanding shafts, they provide superior concentricity. So, it will be very easy for you to adjust the leaf type of the shafts in general.

Recommended Leaf Type Air Shaft Manufacturer: Convertech


There are also other types of air expanding shafts available from different manufacturers. So, you may need assistance with these items. You can connect with us to get the best offer for you.

You can also contact us to get the best quote about the air expanding shafts.

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