Triangles are a very important part of our calculations. In engineering, architecture, and mathematics, we face triangles and various calculations. One of the calculations about triangles is the area calculations of triangles. The calculation of the area of the triangles is very basic but we won’t make it more basic. So, we prepared a calculator to easily calculate the area of a triangle. 

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Area Calculator of Triangles

Triangle Area Calculator

The use of the triangle area calculator is very simple. First of all, you need to enter the height of the triangle ‘h’ inside the bracket then you need to enter the length of the edge where the ‘h’ is right on it. And click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the area of the triangle. Click on the ‘Reset’ button if you want to make another triangle area calculation. 

How the Area of Triangles are Calculated?

The area calculation of triangles is very simple. Two variables must be known for the area calculation of the triangle. The first one is the value of ‘h’ which is also called the height of the triangle. And the length of the edge where the ‘h’ comes as the right to it. The multiplication of these two values and division of this with 2 will give the area of the triangle.

Similarity with Rectangle Area Calculation

In the rectangle area calculation, two edges are multiplied. In the area calculation of the triangle, this multiplication is divided by 2. This is because the area triangle which has the same ‘a’ and ‘b’ values as a rectangle is half of this rectangle. ü

Where the Triangle Area Calculator Can be Used?

We can face triangles in lots of fields such as arhcşitechture, engineering, and mathematics. The area calculations of triangles are very basic. But in the intermediate calculations, area calculation of triangles can be burdensome to calculate by hand. But, if you have a useful triangle area calculator, you can do these intermediate triangle area calculations very easily and you will gain time. 


The use of the calculator for the triangle is very simple.

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