Assigning Characters To A Variable In MatLab®(Illutstrated Expression)

Assigning characters to variables is the very basic process in Matlab®. But it can be forgotten by Matlab® users and they can not remember how was it. Or you are a new learner of Matlab® and decided to learn Matlab® from Mechanicalland. In this article, we will show how to assign characters to variables in Matlab®.

How To Assign Characters To Variables In Matlab®?

>> a = 'mechanicalbase'

a =


ans =

     1    14


We created an ‘a’ variable that its value is not an integer or number etc. Its value is ‘mechanical base’. So its value is assigned as a character inside the ‘’. This is the general rule of assigning characters to variables in Matlab®.

As you can see by the red arrow above that we used a command called ‘size()’ which gives the dimensions of the vector or matrix that typed inside the brackets of this command in Matlab®. So we typed the variable ‘a’ inside it, it gave the numbers of 1 and 14 respectively as shown above. This means Matlab® took the variable ‘a’ as a 1×14 matrix. ‘mechanical base’ word has 14 characters inside it.


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