Assigning Material To Parts And Bodies In Solidworks

Materials are very important in engineering and designs. You need to define the material of your application in a well condition. When you are making your 3D designs in Solidworks, you can assign various materials to your parts, from material library in Solidworks. In here, we explain how to do this kind of thing in Solidworks with a very basic example below.

How To Assign Materials To Your Parts In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Edit Material’ in Solidworks.

Assigning material to a designed part in Solidworks is very easy. To do it, just right click on ‘Material’ section as shown by red arrow above. Then click on ‘Edit Material’ to add material on your part.

Engineering materials in Solidworks.

After clicking on ‘Edit Material’, there are lots of kinds of materials are avaliable as you see above. At ‘Solidworks Materials’ menu, all the general engineering materials are avaliable ranging from steel to woods. You can select a material from these sub-group of materials.

Select material in Solidworks.

For example in ‘Aluminum Alloys’ group, you can select an aluminum alloy from vast variety of materials. When you select a material, you can see the all the properties of that material as a table as shown by red arrow above. Also you can select a ‘Unit’ to see these properties in different units.

DIN materials in Solidworks.

Also you can select your material according to German standards(DIN) from ‘Solidworks DIN Materials’ library as shown above.

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Click on ‘Apply’ button to assign the selected material in Solidworks into your part.

Selecting material for your part in Solidworks is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Solidworks materials below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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