AutoCAD 2020 Fatal Error(Error Aborting) Solution

This is an error that generally encountered with this expression: ‘Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0028 Exception At 28254060h.’ In here, we will give the solution of that error in Autocad. Source of this error in Autocad 2020 can be your graphics settings.

How To Fix Autocad 2020 Fatal Error?

Fatal error message in Autocad 2020.

The fatal error that is stated above appear as above. When you open Autocad 2020 product in your computer, this error message would come.


To solve this problem, just right click on your desktop after closing the Autocad 2020. Then click on ‘Display Settings’. From the opened window, click on ‘Graphics settings’.

Click on browse.

When you opened the Graphics Settings, click on ‘Browse’ button. Then go to the Autocad 2020 installation directory. Open the folder named ‘AutoCAD 2020’ inside Autodesk folder. There is an exe folder named ‘acad.exe’ inside this folder. Select this exe then click ‘OK’ to complete the browsing process.

After adding Autocad 2020 into that list, click on ‘Options’ for it.

Graphics specifications for Autocad 2020.

If the high performance is selected for Autocad 2020, external graphics card will be used. This can be the source of the error. If you select the ‘Power Saving’ mode, then click on ‘Save’, Autocad 2020 will start to use internal graphics card. This can be the solution of the Fatal Error problem of Autocad 2020.

After doing all of them, restart Autocad 2020:.

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