AutoCAD Adding, Removing And Aligning Leaders

Leaders are very useful tools in Autocad to show required features and objects with arrows and texts in your technical drawings. In here we will show you how to add leaders into your 2D skecth and remove or align them with a very basic example below.

How To Add, Remove Or Align Leaders In AutoCAD?

Leader options in Autocad.

You can open all the leader options in Autocad from the ‘Annotation’ section at ribbon bar. If you click on little pop-up menu from ‘Leader’ option, you can see the all leader options.

Leader creation in Autocad.

If you enter the ‘Leader’ command, you need to seelct the point that arrow will start from this point. Then click on the second point where the edge of arrow will show text. And finally enter your text inside the leader as shown by blue arrow above in Autocad.


You can do text adjustments such as the height of your text as shown by red arrow above. Also you can make bold, italic texting or color of your text and font of text just like in MS Word. You can give bulleting options to your text from green box. You can add custom symbols, you can do spell checkings and finding and replacement to your text in Autocad. These options are similar with MS Word.

‘Add Leadder’command in Autocad.

If you have leaders in your drawing window in Autocad, you can add additional leaders to it with ‘Add Leader’ command. Click on ‘Add Leader’ option from the list as shown by green arrow, then select a previously created leader as shown by red arrow. And specify places that text of selected leader defines. This creates multiple leaders with one text in Autocad.

As you estimate that ‘Remove Leader’ command in that list, removes the added leader arrow. Not texts in Autocad.

Aligning leaders in Autocad.

With ‘Align Leaders’ commadn in Autocad, you can align the leaders according to an another leader. You just need to enter to ‘Add Leader’ command and select the created leaders to be aligned. We selected three leaders that are shown with green arrows above. Then right click to select, according to which leader that selected leaders will be aligned. We selected this leader by right clickin on mouse, then selected the middle one as shown by blue arrow above. Then do your placement of your leaders by clicking on drawing window in Autocad.

These are the general options to manage the leaders in techical drawings or 2D sketches in Autocad. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Autocad leader options below. Your precious comments and questions are very important for us.


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