Axis, End Ellipse Drawing In AutoCAD(Illutsrated Expression)

As you know that Autocad has various options to draw ellipses inside it. You can obtain your ellipse geometries in vey quick and easiest way. On of these commands of draw ellipses in Autocad is Axis,End ellipse command. In this article we will show you how to draw Axis, End ellipses in Autocad.

How To Draw Axis, End Ellipses In Autocad?

Click on ‘Axis, End’ command in Autocad.

To draw ellipses as ‘Axis, End’, click on little pop up menu as shown by green arrow above then click to open the Axis, End command as shown in green box in Autocad.

Specify the first point and second point of axis of ellipse in Autocad.

After entering to the ‘Axis, End’ command in Autocad, specify the first point or starting point of ellipse axis as shown by green arrow above, then click to define second point of axis of ellipse as shown by red arrow.

Select the second axis locations in ‘Axis, End’ command in Autocad.

So we selected first and second point of ellipse axis as shown by green and red arrows above in Autocad, then specify the second axis as shown by blue arrow to complete axis drawing with ‘Axis, End’ command.

You can select the Rotation option in Axis, End command.

After the selection of major axis(first axis) of ellipse, you can select the ‘Rotation’ then enter and angle value to obtain ellipse with the rotation of major axis in Autocad.

Entered 75 degrees of angle for Rotation value.

For example we entered 75 degrees for angle value for Rotation of ellipse as shown by above.

So it is very basic to draw Axis, End ellipse in Autocad.

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