Basic Explanation of Wind Energy

Basic Explanation of Wind Energy

The beginning of using the power of the wind dates back to very ancient times. Sailing ships and windmills are shown as examples of the first way to use wind power, and then the energy obtained from wind power was used for grain grinding, pumping water, and cutting trees. Nowadays, it is widely used to generate electricity.

According to the data obtained in 2018, de wind energy, the top five countries with installed capacity are ranked as follows China, the USA, Germany, India, and Spain. The most in Europe wind energy the ten countries with the installed capacity are listed as follows;

What Are The Uses of Wind Energy?

Wind energy since the early ages

  • It is used for obtaining mechanical energy for cutting, mowing, grinding, compressing agricultural products, and securing oil.

It is possible to consider the areas of use of wind energy in three groups in general. These;

  •  Mechanical application areas Electrical application areas such as water extraction, grinding, grid-connected, and grid-connected applications are thermal energy applications.

Areas of use of wind energy also appear as in-building use and out-of-building use.

Some of the Important Benefits of Wind Energy Sources

  • It provides energy security.
  • Reduces the problem of air pollution.
  • It is an inexhaustible resource.
  • It provides a solution to the problem of climate change.
  • There are no fuel costs.
  • It prevents the import of fuel.
  • There is no dependence on imports.
  • It is quickly installed.
  • Wind turbines do not burst and do not emit radiation.
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry can be carried out in the areas where wind energy power plants are installed.

Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

Wind energy is a type of energy that receives its source from the sun. The fact that the sun’s rays reach the Earth illuminates and warms the Earth. To generate electricity from the wind, energy companies wind turbines produce giant windmills called I. Energy companies are large, consisting of many wind turbines to produce electrical energy for thousands of homes wind turbines they establish farms that contain. Usually, they install them in places where there are constant winds. There are wind farms that some companies have shown in the ocean. These are also called offshore wind farms.

Why To Use Wind Power?

Wind energy is one of the most promising energy production technologies today. Here wind energy on it you will find some answers about the curious:

  •   Wind Energy Is Clean

There is no environmental pollution from wind turbines. It has the power to replace 1,200 tons of carbon dioxide from other power plants, which is usually transmitted by coal in a year, and has a wind turbine. The energy produced by it is eight times more than the energy required for the processes of its manufacture, maintenance, operation, disassembly, and breakdown. We also see that wind energy is profitable.

  • Wind Energy Is Different

Wind turbines have grown more and more based on their size and production capacity. Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the airflow that makes up the wind. Part of this energy can be converted into mechanical or electrical energy, which is helpful.

Wind Energy in The World

Wind power is one of the renewable energy sources whose use is on the rise globally. Currently, the use rate in the world is shallow. In contrast, in 2020, 12% of the world’s electricity demand from wind energy efforts are being made to meet it. Currently, the total power obtained from wind energy is about 40,301 MW, and Germany is the leading country with a 36.3% share of the countries using this energy. Other countries that utilize wind energy can be ranked as Spain, USA, Denmark, India, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and China, respectively.

What Are the Advantages of Wind Energy?

• There is no release of gases that have a polluting effect on the atmosphere.

• It is a clean energy source.

• The resource is inexhaustible.

* Wind plants are easier to install and operate than other plants.

• Energy production costs are low.

• It is reliable.

• It is regional and therefore people can generate their electricity.

What Are the Disadvantages of Wind Energy?

• The energy production value is not constant because there is no continuity of the wind.

• Wind turbines take up a large area.

• They create noise pollution due to wings colliding with the wind, and loud noise occurs.

• Energy production may be low compared to energy obtained from fossil and nuclear fuels.

• Investment costs are high.

* Composite parts that have expired in use are not recyclable in nature.

• It has more dynamic parts than other power generation plants, so the operational risks are more significant than other types of production.


Importance of wind energy systems are growing day by day in the world and major countries.

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