Bending(Flexure) Test Of Material Specimens

We expressed the tensile stress and compression stress tests of engineering materials in Mechanicalland. In these kinds of standardized tests, the whole characteristics of materials are obtained to use in engineering calculations. Also there is an another material strength test called as Bending(Flexure) Test. In this article we will explain;

  • What is the bending test and how it is applied?
  • What are the characteristics of bending test?
  • What is the formula of bending test?

Explanation Of Bending(Flexure) Test On Engineering Materials

Application of bending test on a specimen.

As you know in manufacturing industry, bending operations are frequently used such as forming of metal plates and sheets etc. The information that is originated from these kinds of material testings can be used in the design of these manufacturing processes.

The strength value called as ‘transverse rupture strength’ is obtained from bending(flexure) tests of materials. Formula of this ‘transverse rupture strength’ value is as below;

F = Applied force on the specimen(N)(lb),

L = Length of the specimen between supports(mm)(in),

b and t: Dimensions of specimen(mm)(in).

TRS is calculated as MPa(lb/in^2) if you use above units.

If we take a look at the application of bending test, there is a rectangular standardized material specimen that supported by two of basic supports. And there is a force application from the middle section of this specimen. The contraption of bending(falexure) test is very basic like that. This kind of test is called as ‘three-point bending test’.

In the deformation mechanics of test specimen includes; compressive stress and strain at concave region of deformed specimen and tensile stress and strain at convex region. The specimen will be deformed with these kinds of stress and strain values. 

Failure of the specimens that undergo bending(flexure) testing occurs at convex side becuse of the tensile stress at  the convex side exceeds the ultimate tensile stress value of the specimen.

This is the very basic information about bending(flexure) test of material specimens in materials science.

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Image source: Fundamentals of modern manufacturing

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