Best Books to Learn Excel – UPDATED!

Microsoft Excel may be the most important skill that companies are searching for job applicants. Because Excel is a very comprehensive program that comes with Microsoft itself. Nearly every PC has Excel on it. Because you need to learn the tools and features of Excel. You can find the best books to learn Excel here.

Excel provides various kinds of useful tools for all fields and disciplines. If you are a scientist or engineer, Excel is one of the most important tools that you need to learn. With data science and data visualization tools, you can make lots of kinds of things in Excel.

You can learn Excel from various kinds of sources. So, if you are willing to learn Excel from a comprehensive book, you created a list of the best books about Excel. According to your field, you can select one of these best Excel books to learn. Check the list below!

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15 Best Books to Learn Excel

We created this list to comprehend all the people from different areas and different educational backgrounds.

1 – Best book to learn Excel: Michael Alexander, Dick Kusleika; Microsoft Excel 365 Bible

This is the first Excel book that we recommend to you. Excel 365 is the latest version of Excel which has a cloud-based system. So, various kinds of companies are using Microsoft Excel 365.

With this book, you will learn to create workbooks, spreadsheets, creating custom functions, and VBA. After learning these skills in Excel, you will work very efficiently in your company.

In Microsoft Excel 365 Bible book, you can find 900 pages of Excel tips and tricks with examples. You can apply these examples and tricks to your computer.

Furthermore, you will be able to monitor and assess the tons of data in Excel with this book. This is one of the best books to learn Excel.

If you are an advanced user of Excel, you will also find useful tricks and capabilities in this Excel book.

2 – Leonard J. Ledger, Excel 2022: The most updated bible to master Microsoft Excel from scratch in less than 7 minutes a day 

The title summarizes everything… If you are very busy and you need to learn Excel and its powerful capabilities, you can use this book. So, this book provides useful techniques to learn Excel in a short time.

Furthermore, you can starts from the basics of Excel to advanced. And also, step-by-step illustrations will help to learn the Excel tools rapidly.

Formula and functions in Excel are very important. You can find rapid explanations of the most used formula and functions in this Excel tutorial book.

So, it is very useful for people who are busily working in their jobs. You can spare very little time to learn Excel with this book.

3 – Simon Sez IT, Excel 2021/365 Tutorial for Beginners to Intermediate Users – Excel Course Including Exercise Files

We are continuing with another Excel recommendation from Simon Sez IT. In Udemy, Simen Sez IT has very good Excel tutorials for beginners to advanced. Also, I learned Excel from these courses. So, this is the book that Simon Sez IT group published.

This is the DVD course for Excel beginners that will carry you to intermediate Excel users. You can be a real intermediate user of Excel if you finish this tutorial set.

Also, video learning from a DVD will make you learn the concepts more rapidly. If you are a visual learner, this Excel DVD set tutorial is best for you.

There are 175 videos on this DVD which makes 20 hours of Excel video tutorial. For example, if you take 30 minutes a day, you will be an intermediate user of Excel in 40 days.

4 – Timothy Keet, The Ultimate Guide to Master Excel Features & Formulas

The Ultimate Guide to Master Excel Features & Formulas is another Excel book that we are recommending to our readers. You can become a pro from scratch with this book.

With this book, you will learn the advanced tools for data analysis and formulas for data visualization in Excel. So, you will become an Excel master in your company.

Also, most people think the capabilities of Excel in professional jobs are not effective. But it is not like this. By reading this Excel book, you will see that Excel has lots of capabilities for professionals.

You will start to learn the basic Excel commands and functions with various kinds of examples. And then, you will get professional on these functions of Excel with the onward chapters.

And also, you will learn lots of tips and tricks that make you a very rapid user of Excel.

5 – Greg Harvey, Excel 2019 All-in-One For Dummies

People who are eager to learn Excel from a beginner are the smartest ones. Because, if they have to use Excel, probably they are working in the most clever-demand jobs. So, they will learn Excel from a book that is for dummies 🙂

Excel 2019 All-in-One For Dummies book starts with the most basic concepts of Excel such as editing the worksheets and creating worksheets. And you will be an advanced user of Excel VBA to create and edit macros.

Macros are very important to make the companies’ jobs much easier.

You can also find functions for financial problems, create pivot tables for problems, etc. More advanced topics are editing and running macros, error trapping and solving, and spreadsheet sharing in Excel.

So, you can learn lots of things about Excel from this book.

6 – Inc. BarCharts, Excel Formulas (Quick Study Computer)

It is not a book that you can learn Excel from scratch. This is a poster that shows all the important Excel functions. You can get familiar with these functions if you hand this in your eyesight.

You can purchase one of them with an Excel book to get familiar with the most important functions. The learning speed will increase with this.

There are also explaining screenshots in it for some of the functions.

101 Most Popular Excel Formulas is another useful Excel book where you can find explanations of the most important Excel functions and formulas. You can find an in-depth explanation of functions such as VLOOKUP, LOGICAL, TEXT, and DATE&TIME functions. These are the most used functions in every company and business in general.

Also, explanations of the functions are on a step-by-step basis with screenshots. You can also download practice workbooks for each exercise and examples in Excel.

Also, you will start to learn Office 365 interface and the new features that come with it.

And then, you can download the PDF version of this Excel book. You can study Excel from your digital devices by opening it.

As a bonus, you will take 77 Excel video tutorials which are 20+ hours of course. If you are a beginner, you can purchase this book to get a professional in Excel.

8 – Nigel Tillery, Excel 2022: The Complete Illustrative Guide for Beginners

This is another important Excel book that we can recommend to beginners. In this book, you will find in-depth explanations of all functions of Excel from beginner to advanced.

You can learn Excel as a professional from your home by exercising the examples in this book. You will be a professional in a very short time.

For each formula and feature of Excel, you will use only 5 minutes to learn it completely. This is a very short time to learn Excel from scratch.

Also, you will have 100+ downloadable exclusive example workbooks about the sections of this Excel book.

Another bonus is, that this book comes with a video tutorial series for visual learners.

9 – Mike Wang, EXCEL 2022: The All In One Step-by-Step Guide From Beginner To Expert

If you want to simplify your job, the Excel functions will make it much easier. Excel has lots of kinds of code examples that will make your job much easier. So, we can recommend this book for you to make your job much easier.

Excel is very important both for professional and private life. So, you will learn the Excel skills to use in your both professional and your businesses.

This book starts with how to create a new workbook which is for very beginners in Excel. Also, you will learn how to edit cells, and workbooks and replace and move these elements. These are a very important part of Excel.

With the subsequent chapters and sections, you will start to learn the basics of Excel functions. Functions will make your jobs and responsibilities much easier.

Also, you can find the 12 new Excel features and you can find important tips and tricks of Excel in this book.

10 – Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad; Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros

VBA and Macros in Excel are very important to create important useful things to make your job much easier. With this book, you will be able to create macros in Excel professionally.

By building the correct macros, you will be able to work with columns and rows of Excel more efficiently. Macros create automated reports which will make easier your job.

PivotTables is also a very important tool for Excel. You can learn PivotTables to summarize and analyze lots of data at one time. This will add professionalism to your job.

Also, you will create UDFs by using Lambda functions in VBA. You can create user forms to gather data from other Excel users. Analyze these data from these users.

You will be able to integrate data from the internet and other SQL servers. Also, these are the very advanced topics of VBA and macros.

Also, you can automate the chart and data visualization with macros and VBA. So, think about how you are gathering data automatically and creating charts and data visualizations automatically. This is a very time-saving and interesting thing that you can learn with this Excel book.

Furthermore, you will be able to control other Office programs by using Excel’s VBA and macros capabilities with this book.

So, you will learn lots of advanced things about macros and the VBA of Excel if you read this book.

11 – Alan Murray, Advanced Excel Formulas: Unleashing Brilliance with Excel Formulas

Excel formulas are very important and they will be very useful if you apply them in your job. With this book about Excel, you will master around 150 useful formulas and functions.

Also, you will learn Defined Names and Tables in Excel for data analysis in your professional life with this book.

You become a master of the most popular and useful functions such as VLOOKUP, COUNTIFS, and MATCH. Also, it is possible to learn magical array formulas of Excel with this textbook.

If you want to create dynamic spreadsheets that they will make your work much easier, you need to learn to use LOOKUP functions. All the LOOKUP functions are explained in this Excel book.

Above all, you will also learn classical Excel functions such as IF, SUM, or INDEX. And there are new Excel functions that you will learn such as XLOOKUP, VSTACK, LET, and LAMBDA.

12 – Ken Bluttman, Excel Formulas And Functions

This is another useful and short Excel textbook that you can get used to more advanced 150 Excel functions. The examples in this book are from different fields such as a mortgage, car economics, classroom grading systems, etc.

So, with these real-world examples, you will gain valuable skills in Excel. Also, 85 special functiıns are described in more detail.

If you do have not enough time to get a master’s in Excel, this book will be very vital for you. You can spare very low time daily to learn Excel with it.

13 – Richard Reed, Excel 2022: The Most Exhaustive Guide to Master All the Functions and Formulas to Become a Professional

We would like to recommend this Excel textbook. Because it promises to learn Excel in 7 days. If you are working in very exhaustive and busy work positions, this textbook will be very good to learn Excel for you.

It starts with Excel’s most basic topics such as creating and editing workbooks. And it continues with the basic cells, rows, and formulas manipulations.

And then you will learn the basic and classical Excel functions such as mathematical operations.

You will continue to learn the more complex and useful formulas in Excel after learning the subjects above. For example, AVERAGE, IF, SUMIFS, MINIFS, etc.

You will be able to manage and monitor errors in Excel with the lfna, lferror, and aggregate functions.

Also, you will learn to manage the Pivot Tables and charts in Excel to visualize data in different forms. This is a very important skill that is required in most positions in companies.

14 – Wayne Winston, Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling

Data analysis is one of the most important topics in lots of companies. You need to show lots of kinds of data in a summary analysis. So, it is very important to learn the data analysis tools of Excel. With the textbook, you will learn lots of important topics about business modeling tools in Excel.

This textbook starts with the transitions from basic Excel tools to detailed data analyses. You can use the Power Query enhancements for it.

LAMBDA functions are very important functions to create Excel macros without using VBA tools Excel. You will find various kinds of useful topics about it in the Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling book.

Also, you will learn the detailed LOOKUP functions in Excel. And also, you will be able to create 3D Maps data with advanced tools of Excel.

You will use Bayes’ theorem and Monte Carlo simulation and scenario techniques. Regression and exponential smoothing techniques are also very important in business-level data analysis.

You can use the Data Model and Power Pivot tools for the advanced relations between various data.

15 – Dick Kusleika, Data Visualization with Excel Dashboards and Reports

Also, data visualization is a very important tool to obtain very good professional data analyses. Excel provides various kinds of tools for data visualization. You can learn these tools with this Excel book.

Because of its importance, this book is among the best books to learn Excel.

With the tools that are explained in this book, you can visualize large amounts of data and reports in a meaningful and logical way.

You can have better visual tools to improve the visibility of data. Also, you can separate the redundant reporting and analyses.

Furthermore, you will be able to make effective visualizations and you will have these capabilities; visualizing the performances of different things to compare them. Vşsualizing the change of trends over time etc.

Different Kinds of Versions of the Best Books to Learn Excel are Available on!

On, you can find different kinds of versions of the best books to learn Excel according to your needs. These versions are;

  • Kindle and eTextbook: These versions are the digital versions of books. If you order these versions, you will get full access to the digital version of the books from your computers, smartphones, or tablets. You can take notes on these versions very easily.
  • Hardcopy and Paperback: Also, these versiıns of the best book to learn Excel are the physical versions. So, if you purchase one of these versions, they will send the book to your address.
  • Used Version: There are also used version sellers of Excel books. Used versions are cheaper than other versions. You can see the used version sellers if you click on the links above.

So, if you find it easier to open the digital versions on your computers or mobile phones, you can prefer to buy Kindle or eTextbook versions. Also, you will save paper which decreases your carbon footprint of you. If you consider the environment, consider buying Kindle and eTextbook.

Conclusion About the Best Books to Learn Excel

Finally, Excel skills are very important in today’s world. As you see above, Excel provides various kinds of capabilities in different areas. So, it is a very big requirement to learn Excel professionally. Studies have shown that learning Excel increases the probability of finding jobs by 12%. There is no business today that is not using Excel.

We created a list to learn Excel for different purposes and different levels. From this best books to learn Excel list, you can find the best one for you.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the best books to learn Excel.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

FAQs About Learning Excel

Where to learn Excel macros and data analysis?

We think that the internet is the best place to learn Excel. There is no such information that you could not find on the internet. Also, tutorial books about Excel are very important sources. You can learn Excel in internet tutorials or tutorial books.

Why learn Excel?

Because nearly all the positions and companies are using Excel at different levels. Excel comes with Microsoft Office which is part of Microsoft. And the capabilities of Excel are very extensive. Because of this reason, you should learn Excel tools that are about your field.

How long will it take to learn Excel completely?

It is a very open-ended question. According to your field, it will take several months to get professional in Excel. But do not forget that, learning Excel completely is somewhat impossible. Because Excel provides a wide variety of tools for different kinds of fields.

Can you learn Excel on your own?

Yes. Because there is a wide variety of sources to learn Excel. For example, you can check the list of the best books to learn Excel.





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