Best Books To Learn Hydraulics At Engineering Level!

Hydraulics is a very important technical area in most engineering disciplines. First of all, one may think that hydraulic systems are related to the mechanical engineering field. But it is not just the case.

Importance Of Hydraulics In Engineering

Yes, it is related to mechanical engineering but hydraulics systems are mainly used with robotic, electronic, and electrical systems. So, robotic engineers, electronic engineers, and electrical engineers must know the essentials of hydraulics and hydraulic systems. 

As you understand from its name, hydraulic systems are systems that the ability of force transmission of fluid is utilized. You may remember that Pascal’s law is at stake in hydraulics. To understand hydraulics deeply, you must understand the essentials of fluid mechanics. 

There are various examples of hydraulic systems; hydraulic mechanisms in which manufacturing processes are built upon such as plastic injection machines. Systems are responsible for the moving of dozer buckets to dig the earth. In general, hydraulic systems are used where high pushing forces are required. 

If all the facts are considered, an engineer must know and understand the hydraulics and hydraulic systems. Mechanicalland editors made detailed research to find the best sources and books to learn hydraulic systems.

Most Used And Best Books To Learn Hydraulic Systems!

Mechanicalland’s editors always make detailed market surveys to find the best products and equipment for its users and visitors. Let’s take a look at the books about hydraulics below! 

Jay F. Hooper – Basic Hydraulics: Fluid Power Workhorse

Hooper’s Basic Hydraulics: Fluid Power Workhorse book is for people who want to deal with hydraulic systems. To start this book, no prior knowledge is required and concepts of hydraulics are explained in the most basic sense. 

This book is not for people to build hydraulic systems. This book is for people who are willing to troubleshoot hydraulic systems. If you are willing to expand your knowledge in hydraulics, this book will be a very good guide for you. 

Basic Hydraulics: Fluid Power Workhorse

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M. Winston – Essential Hydraulics: Fluid Power – Basic

Winston’s book about hydraulics is another important book about the fundamental concepts of hydraulics. This is another book for people with zero knowledge and expands their knowledge in hydraulic systems. All the ABCs of hydraulic systems are explained in this book. The advanced hydraulic topic is not included in this book. 

Essential Hydraulics: Fluid Power – Basic

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Andrew Parr – Hydraulics and Pneumatics: A Technician’s and Engineer’s Guide

Parr’s book about hydraulics is both for professionals and beginners which also includes pneumatics. The two books above are not actually for the people dealing with hydraulics at the designer level. But this Parr’s book is for hydraulic designers or people that are willing to design hydraulic control systems. 

Hydraulics and Pneumatics: A Technician’s and Engineer’s Guide

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Eaton Hydraulics Training Services – Industrial Hydraulics Manual 

Hydraulics has lots of industrial applications where people can need directly industrial applications of hydraulics. This Industrial Hydraulics Manual book covers all the topics including hydraulics, electrohydraulic, electricity and electronics, amplifiers, cartridge valves, and circuits. All the detailed information related to these topics is included in this book. Also, very good industrial applications are included in this book to get used to the industrial-level hydraulics for the readers. 

Maybe this book is one of the most detailed books related to hydraulics. 

Industrial Hydraulics Manual 5th Ed. 2nd Printing

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John A. Roberson, John J. Cassidy, M. Hanif Chaudhry – Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic engineering is another sub-discipline of engineering that deals with all types of hydraulic systems from dams to hydraulic machinery. This Hydraulic Engineering book is published by Wiley Publications which is a renowned engineering textbook publisher around the world and the US. So, we can say that this book is an actual textbook for engineering students. 

Hydraulic Engineering book is another detailed book about hydraulic systems which includes end-chapter applications and exercises to get used to hydraulic systems. 

Hydraulic Engineering

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James Lindell, Wade Moore, Horace King – Handbook Of Hydraulics

Handbook Of Hydraulics is another important textbook about hydraulics systems that covers all the aspects of hydraulics starting from fluid properties to physical and mathematical modeling of hydraulic systems. 

This book is published by McGraw-Hill Education which is another important publisher of engineering books and textbooks. 

Thanks to the detailed content of this book, it can be used by engineering students and professional hydraulic engineers who are dealing with these systems. 

Handbook of Hydraulics

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Paperback, Hardcover, Used, eTextbook And Kindle Versions Of Books Are Available On Amazon!

According to your budget and needs, various versions of books are available on Amazon! 

Paperback and Hardcover versions are the physical versions of books that will be shipped to your address if you order. 

eTextbook and Kindle versions of the books are the digital versions of these books which you can reach immediately after you buy, with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Also, there are other sellers in Amazon that are selling used versions of books. If you click on the links above, you can see the used version sellers. Used versions of books are much cheaper than others. 


Hydraulics is a very important area of engineering. An engineer must acquire one of these books to get to know the hydraulics and hydraulic systems. 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the books and textbooks about hydraulics! If you have additional recommendations on hydraulics, please leave your recommendation in the comments below!





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