Best Cordless Drills for Different Purposes

Cordless drills are very important in different kinds of mechanical applications. They have batteries that we can charge and use for hours. They have also drill bits that we use in different applications. Also, they have different types of screw heads we can easily detach and attach. They provide big ease in these applications. So, you can find the best cordless drills that you can buy from!

17 Best Cordless Drills in the Market

We created this special list so that you can find the best drills for different kinds of applications. So, you can replace nearly all types of screwdrivers and key sets with a proper machine. You can select one of these cordless drills available in the market in the list below.

Cordless drill machines are commonly used in various workshops, garages, and professional and hobby places. Also, cordless drills are one of the most used tools in a workshop or garage.

And also, lots of kinds of duties can be achieved with cordless drills. 

Attaching and detaching mechanical fasteners: If you are a mechanic or a mechanical engineer, mechanical fasteners such as bolts and nuts are your best friends! Furthermore, there are various kinds of standards and sizes of mechanical fasteners, and you need to have all types of tools to disassemble these standards. 

Drilling workpieces: Drilling applications are commonly used in nearly all workshops. You may drill wooden workpieces, metal workpieces, or other types of workpieces to attach standard-sized mechanical fasteners. So, drilled holes on workpieces must comply with the standards. You may need to have all the standards of drill bits.

The price of a cordless drill is also very important for buyers. By considering all these facts, Mechanicalland made a detailed market survey to find out the best cordless drill machine for its users!

1 – RIDA Cordless Drill 20V Electric Power Drill

Rida Electric Power Cordless Drill

Rida Electric Power Cordless Drill

  • 20V
  • 355 lb torque
  • 2 AH Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Variable speeds
  • 21 pieces of drill bits
  • 26 positions
  • Ultra-fast charger
  • 30 days trial and 3 years of warranty

The first recommendation is RIDA 20V cordless drill set. The most important feature of this cordless drill set is, that you can lock the chuck mechanism automatically. You can change the drill bits and driver bits easily with one hand.

Furthermore, in the bag of the RIDA 20V drill, you can find these items;

  • 1 cordless drill machine,
  • 20V 2.0A.h battery,
  • 6 pieces of HSS drill bits,
  • 4 x 50mm screwdriver bits,
  • 10 x 25mm screwdriver bits,
  • 60mm magnetic connector,
  • Belt clip, storage box, magnetic flexible shaft.
  • 110V charger.

So, this is a complete set of drill machines that you can use in different kinds of applications such as DIY, gardening, and other workshop applications.

Also, the fast changer provides charging in 1 hour. So, you will wait for the charging while you are working with this cordless drill.

You can adjust the 25+1 speed and torque variations according to the application. For example, if you are making a drilling operation with drill bits, you can adjust higher torques and lower speeds. But if you are attaching threaded fasteners, you can adjust the 25 speeds.

Also, 20V provides very good power for different kinds of applications. With this power, you can drill very hard materials easily with this cordless drill machine.

2 – WORKSITE Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

WORKSITE Cordless Drill Set

WORKSITE Cordless Drill Set

  •  20V
  • 309 in.lbs torque
  • 24 pieces of accessories
  • 2.0 A battery charger
  • 700 RPM

The performance of the motor of this cordless drill set is very good. You can drill even the hardest materials with this power. Also, the available torque range is very wide.

Also, in the package that will be delivered to you, you will find these items;

  • Cordless drill machine,
  • 1 piece of Li-On 2 A.h battery,
  • 10 pieces of screwdriver bits,
  • 5 pieces of high-speed steel drill bits,
  • 5 pieces of wood working drill bits,
  • A magnetic bit holder,
  • A flexible shaft.
  • Quick change extension bar,

Furthermore, there is a LED light that flares when you push on the trigger. This provides better sight and comfort while you are working in low-light environments.

Also, you can adjust the speed between 0-700 RPMs. This provides various kinds of available torque range for different kinds of applications.

Also, you can use this drill machine set in narrow spaces effectively. Because it has a very compact design you can use it effectively.

Very high-speed charging will provide efficient working for you. Also, WORKSITE cordless drill and driver set have charging protection which provides extra safety in charging and using this tool.

3 – Adedad Cordless Impact Drill Set

Adedad Cordless Drill Machine

Adedad Cordless Drill Machine

  • 20V Li-On battery
  • 300 in.lbs max torque
  • 1650 RPM at maximum
  • 24 variable speeds
  • LED lighting
  • 20 months of warranty

Above all, this is another best cordless drill that you can use in different kinds of applications. Adedad is a renowned brand that produces high-quality drill machine sets.

Also, you will have these items with this drill machine in the bag for different applications;

  • A cordless drill machine,
  • 2 pieces of Li-On batteries,
  • A storage bag,
  • High-speed battery charger,
  • A linesman pliers,
  • Ratcheting screwdriver,
  • A flexible shaft,
  • 4 pieces of nut drivers.
  • 12 pieces of twist drill bits,
  • Drill bit holder,
  • 12 pieces of screwdriver bits,
  • Hammer,
  • Needle nose pliers,
  • Tape measure,
  • Storage bag

So, this is one of the most comprehensive cordless drills available with lots of kinds of accessories. Also, you can have two batteries which provide uninterrupted working. You can use one charging while another one is charging, and change the charger.

Adedad compact drill set comes with an ergonomic and lightweight design that you can place in narrow places. Also, you can work in narrow places without any damage.

You can adjust the 1650 RPM speed and 300 in-lbs torque for different kinds of applications such as DIY works, light industrial works, and house works. You can use it in different kinds of materials such as wood, plastics, metals, and concrete.

4 – APAGOO 20V Cordless Drill Set

APAGOO 20V Cordless Drill

APAGOO 20V Cordless Drill

  • 20V Li-On battery
  • 310 in.lbs torque
  • 27 torque and speed variations
  • 2 A.h Li-On fast charging battery
  • 3/8″ Keyless chuck
  • 30 pieces of accessories
  • 1600 RPM

APAGOO is also a very important producer of cordless drills in the world. So, our other cordless drill recommendation is the APAGOO 20V drill machine.

Furthermore, APAGOO Cordless Drill comes with these accessories;

  • A cordless drill machine,
  • 1 piece of battery,
  • A flexible shaft driver,
  • Wood drill bit,
  • Twist drill bit,
  • Sleeve extension rod,
  • Two-way screwdriver sets,
  • Toolbox

So, you can use this set in different kinds of materials and applications.

Also, with the lightweight design, you will not get tired in the long-run projects and work. Furthermore, you can carry this cordless drill set wherever you want.

Above all, you can use the extra battery and you will not be powerless. You can charge a battery while you are working with another battery.

5 – Inspiritech 20V Max Cordless Drill

Inspiritech Cordless Drill Set

Inspiritech Cordless Drill Set

  • 20V Li-On speed charge battery
  • 2 batteries
  • 3/8″ keyless chuck
  • 26-speed positions
  • LED light

Also, this is another one of the best cordless drill machines produced by Inspiritech. 320 lb. in torque is one of the most important features of this drill machine. You can attach and drill materials firmly with this torque ratio.

The compact and lightweight design will provide better use of this cordless drill in narrow areas. Also, the LED light provides better working comfort in low luminance environments. The LED activates by pressing the trigger.

Also, the bag includes these items;

  • 20V cordless drill machine,
  • A carrying bag,
  • 10 pieces of screw anchors,
  • A magnetic screw holder,
  • 2 pieces of double-ended bits,
  • 2 pieces of Li-On batteries,
  • 10 self-drilling drywall anchors,
  • 10 pieces of screwdriver bits,
  • 3 x drilling bits,
  • A flexible extension shaft,

Also, this drill machine set is one of the most comprehensive ones among the others. You can make different kinds of jobs and work. You can use them on materials such as metals, wood, ceramics, etc.

Furthermore, you can attach the bits to chuck easily. Because the chuck does not have any key for the attachment.

In addition, 2 rechargeable batteries provide uninterrupted work. You can charge one battery while you are working with another battery.

6 – BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill

  • 12 volts
  • 550 RPM
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • 2.8 pounds weight

If you will not use the drill machine that you purchase, we can recommend the BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill set. Furthermore, it has a 12V rechargeable Li-On battery that provides a sufficient amount of power for general use.

So, you can use it in household lightweight applications. In general, it is better for the assembly of bolts, nuts, and screws. 

Also, it comes with the keyless chuck which you can easily change the bits.

Furthermore, this cordless drill is 35% smaller than the 12V counterparts. This provides easy handling of the tool and more flexible use in hard-to-work areas.

You can adjust the 11 speeds according to the applications. The top speed is 500 RPM.

BLACK+DECKER 12V drill machine has also a LED light like the other counterparts.

7 – Makita Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Driver-Drill

Makita Cordless Drill

Makita Cordless Drill

  • 18 V
  • 500-1900 RPM
  • 440 lbs. in max torque
  • 350 W
  • 3.6 pounds weight

Above all, this recommendation is for a little bit heavy use of cordless drills. So, we are recommending one of the best cordless drills for heavy use; Makita.

The most important feature of this machine is that the torque value is much higher if we compare it with other ones. Soi this higher torque provides usability in tight and hard drilling and assembly operations. Also, there is a 2-speed manual transmission which provides better performance in hard situations.

The material quality of this drill machine is one of the best ones around others. The quality of metals provides a very long life for this cordless drill. So, you can use it in the serial production manner.

8 – TECCPO Power Drill

TECCPO Cordless Drill for Heavy-Duty

TECCPO Cordless Drill for Heavy-Duty

  • 20 V
  • 1700 RPM
  • 95 W
  • 2 Manual Speeds
  • 2 mAh Li-On battery
  • 530 in.lbs
  • 25 torque settings
  • Metal chuck
  • 33 pieces accessories

Also, this is another important recommendation for heavy-duty use cordless drills. TECCPO power cordless drill provides different features for the same price.

Also, in the accessory bag, you will have these items;

  • 1 piece of 20V battery,
  • 2000 mAh fast charger,
  • TECCPO power driver and drill set,
  • 32 pieces of drill bits,
  • 6 millimeters of the extension rod
  • Contractor bag

The first important feature of this drill machine is, that the chuck is metal. Metal chuck provides a more rigid structure for heavy uses. So, the machine will be long-lasting.

And also, the maximum torque value is one of the highest among the other cordless drill machines. This product provides 530 lb. in torque which makes it useful in heavy-duty applications. So, you can adjust the torque with 25 torque adjustments with 2 manual transmission speeds.

Furthermore, the battery has a speed charging feature that you can charge in 1 hour. Also, the LED light provides better working.

9 – DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill

DeWALT Cordless Drill Set

DeWALT Cordless Drill Set

  • 20 V
  • 1500 RPM
  • 3.64 pounds weight
  • 300 W
  • 3 years of warranty

Maybe, you know DeWALT from another heavy-duty machine manufacturer. And it produces machines and drills of the highest quality. If you have a long-lasting tool, you can prefer the DeWALT.

This product of DeWALT is best for home use and middle-duty use. Also, it comes with a lightweight and compact design that you can fit and use in narrow sections of your home.

Also, you can use the two-speed transmission that has RPM ranges between 0-450 and 1500. So you can make different kinds of drilling and fastening applications.

You can also use this cordless drill machine in 120V house voltages directly.

10 – GardenJoy Cordless Power Drill Set


GardenJoy Cordless Power Drill Set

  • 21 V
  • 3/8″ keyless chuck
  • 2 variable speeds with 25 torque settings
  • 30 pieces of drills and driver bits
  • 1500 RPM
  • 280 maximum torque

Another cost-effective power drilling set is GardenJoy cordless drill set. It provides all the expectations from a drill machine set. With the 280 torque, you can use it in different kinds of household applications.

You can find these pieces in the package;

  • Cordless drill,
  • 1 piece of Li-On 21 V battery,
  • 3 pieces of wood drills,
  • 9 screwdriver bits,
  • A socket adapter,
  • An extension rod,
  • 9 Sockets,
  • A flexible shaft,
  • Working googles,
  • A fast charger,
  • 5 pieces of HSS twist drill bits,

Also, you can adjust the 2 speeds with transmission between the ranges of 0-450 and 0-1500 RPMs.

You can charge the 1.5 aH Li-On battery in 1-2 hours and work with this battery for 10 hours!

The structure of this cordless drill is very compact and lightweight. The total weight is 2.02 lbs which is the lowest one among the others.

Also, this one has a LED light which provides better comfort in low-light environments.



CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill Combo Kit

  • 20 V
  • 1500 RPM
  • 9.15 pounds of weight
  • 800 Watts
  • 2 Li-On batteries

This is also a very important cordless drill recommendation from us. The motor of one of the best cordless drills is the most powerful one among others. So drilling and fastening operations will be much easier with these tools.

You can also adjust the speed of the rotation. You can use the gearbox transmission which has RPM values between 0-350 and 0-1500 RPM. This feature provides you with the application of different kinds of tasks without any problem.

Also, you will have very high torques at 1460 in-lbs which is one of the highest in the same class. Also, this feature makes this cordless drill best for fastening applications.

The change of different bits is very easy and very comfortable with the keyless chuck of this cordless drill.

Also, there is a LED light on this drill machine which provides more comfortable working.

12 – YIOU 20V MAX Cordless Drill

YIOU Cordless Drill Machine

YIOU Cordless Drill Machine

  • 20 V power battery
  • 23 pieces of accessories
  • 3/8 keyless chuck
  • 18 torque speeds

YIOU is also a very renowned producer of heavy-duty equipment such as cordless drills. So, this is another important product that we recommend as a cordless drill.

It comes with a 20V and 1.5 Ah Li-On battery. The total charging time of this battery is 2 hours. And also, you can use it for up to 18 hours without stopping. So, it is very high performance if we compare it with other batteries.

Furthermore, 18+1 torque adjustment provides better control on the different materials such as woods, plywoods, metals, and plastics. So, it is very easy to use this drill machine on different materials. Also, the 2-speed transmission provides better working with variable speeds.

You can have torque values ıp to 248 And also the 3/8″ of keyless chuck provides a more comfortable and easier bit changing with one hand.

The total weight of this cordless drill is 2.3 lbs which is very low-weight if we compare it with other ones. So, this is the other important aspect of this cordless drill machine.

13 – CHANTPOWER Cordless Drill


CHANTPOWER Cordless Drill Machine

  • 20V
  • 2 variable speeds
  • 41 pieces of accessories
  • 16 torque and speed settings

The other important recommendation from us is the CHANRPOWER cordless drill machine. This product comes with 16 torque and drilling settings that provide better use on the different kinds of materials. So, you can use this drill machine for different kinds of drilling and driving applications.

Also, there are low-speed and high-speed transmission adjustments. The low-speed one is 0-450 rpm which you can make low-speed drilling and driving applications. Also, high speed is between 0-1500 rpm which you can make drilling applications for hard materials.

2 mAh batter provides very high-speed charging. So, you can charge the batter in 1 hour and you can use it for up to 20 hours.

Above all, the LED provides more comfortable working in low-light ambiances. When you push on the trigger, the LED lights on the place that you are drilling.

Furthermore, in the accessories bag, you can find;

  • 1 piece of cordless drill set,
  • A battery charger,
  • Li-On battery,
  • One piece of extension bar,
  • Plastic accessories box to sort the accessories,
  • A nylon bag,
  • A belt hook,
  • 11 pieces of HSS twist drill bits,
  • 16 pieces of screwdriver bits,
  • 4 pieces of masonry drill bits,
  • 1 piece of countersink,
  • 4 pieces of sockets,

As you see above, there are lots of accessories that come with the CHANTPOWER cordless drill. So, you can use this machine in various kinds of applications from woodworking to masonry.

14 – Bielmeier 20V MAX Cordless Drill Set

Bielmeier Cordless Drill

Bielmeier Cordless Drill

  • 20V
  • 3/8″ keyless chuck
  • 29 pieces of drill bits,
  • 1500 mAh battery,
  • 700 RPM
  • 250 in.lbs torque

The other one of the best cordless drills on the market is Bielmeier. Also, you can use the Bielmeier cordless drill in-home use without any problem. The 20V and 1500 mAh batteries provide a very high speed of charging and long-lasting use.

Also, the package of the Bielmeier cordless drill includes these parts;

  • 1500 mAh battery charger and 20V Li-On battery,
  • 21 pieces of screwdriver bits,
  • One piece of magnetic bit socket,
  • Magnetic flexible extension shaft to reach hard places,
  • 3 pieces of woodworking bits,
  • 3 pieces of twist drill bits,
  • A belt buckle.

So, it will be very easy to use it in different kinds of areas such as woodworking, masonry, and metalworking. You can drill nearly all types of materials without harming the equipment and workpieces.

The most important feature of this cordless drill is the clutch speed. The number of clutch speeds is 64+1 which is the highest among others. So, the torque span is very wide and you can use it in different kinds of applications. This precise control prevents stripping.

Also, 3/8″ of auto keyless chuck provides useful auto attachments of bits without any problem.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the Bielmeier cordless drill provides a very comfortable working. The handle is coated with a high-quality rubber that prevents vibrations from coming to your hand.

Like other ones, also Bielmeier provides a LED light. So, you will have very good comfort while working in the shaded areas.

15 – Werktough D018 Cordless Drill


Werktough Cordless Drill and Driver

  • 18-20V
  • 700 RPM
  • 10 millimeters of chuck size
  • 3.06 pounds weight
  • 24 N.m torque
  • 180 W

This cordless drill is also a very important one. Because Werktough is one of the best manufacturers of heavy-duty products.

And also, this machine has 18 torque adjustments that you can adjust the moment of the machine according to the different applications. There is a one-speed adjustment which is between the 0-700 RPMs.

Also with the LED light, working in the dart environments will be very easy with this machine.

Werktough cordless drill comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Furthermore, 10 millimeters of chuck size provides the attachment of lots of types of drive and drill bits without any problem.

16 – GALAX PRO Lightweight Drill Driver


GALAX PRO Cordless Drill

  • 12 Volts DC
  • 1400 RPM
  • 10 millimeters of chuck size
  • 2 pounds of weight
  • 2 speed

If you want to buy a more compact cordless drill, we can recommend this one to you. 12V GALAX PRO will be a sufficient cordless drill machine for different kinds of home jobs.

This cordless drill machine provides a 2-speed gearbox that you can adjust according to the different applications. The first gear is between the 0-375 RPMs and the second gear is the 0-1400 RPMs. You can adjust the torque and speed according to the gear.

Also, this item has a total weight of below 2 lbs. So, it is very lightweight that you can fit and carry in every place.

Furthermore, the device provides maximum torque of 25N.m which is very high if we compare it with its counterparts. So, you can drill metals, woods, plastics, etc.

In the package of this tool, you will have;

  • A drill bit set,
  • An instruction manual,
  • A Li-On charger,
  • 12V, 2-speed drill

17 – Bosch PS21-2A 12V Pocket Driver

Bosch 12V Pocket Driver

Bosch 12V Pocket Driver

  • 12V
  • 2 Speed
  • 2 Li-On Batteries
  • 1300 RPM

You know already BOSCH that produces the strongest products ever. This is the mini-driver recommendation from us.

This is not a cordless drill. It is a cordless driver set. And it is one of the shortest ones among the others. Also, only 1.4 lbs weight makes it possible to carry it in your pocket.

The maximum torque is 265 lb. which is very good for these powers and sizes. Also, you can adjust the speed between two speeds. These speed ranges are 1-350 RPMs and 1-1300 RPMs.

Also, there are 21 clutch settings that you can adjust the torque for different kinds of applications.

In the package, you can find;

  • 2 pieces of 12V Li-on batteries,
  • 12V speed charger,
  • 1/2, 1, and 2 inches of driver bits.

Furthermore, this product has a LED that will lot easier to work in dark areas.

The size of the chuck is very wide if we compare it with other ones; 13 millimeters. So, you can attach a wide variety of bits to these chucks.

What are the Important Factors in Selecting the Best Cordless Drill?

The most important factor is your needs and expectations. For example, you are looking for cordless drills for only home use. So, you do not need to look for very high torques or speeds. Also, if you are looking for workshop use, you can consider the middle powers and torques but the wide variety of accessories.

And also, if you are looking for the best cordless drill for heavy-duty applications, you need to consider the most powerful ones. Here we explain how to make the discriminations between the cordless drills according to their powers.


This is the most important factor in the power and usage of drill machines. In general, you can find 12V, 16V, 18V, and 20V cordless drills. So with the increasing voltage, the use volume, and hardness of the cordless drill increase.

For example, if you are looking for home use, you can consider the 12V and 16V ones. You can save money by not spending too much on higher voltages.

Also, if you are looking for a cordless drill for your workshop applications, 16 and 18V ones will be sufficient for you.

And for heavy-duty applications, 20V and above ones will be very efficient for you.

RPMs and Clutches

The rotational speed of the bit and the number of clutches is very important. You can adjust the speed of the cordless drill with the clutches and gearboxes. So, drill machines with maximum high RPMs and a wide variety of clutches are suitable for various kinds of applications.

But if you use the cordless drill on standard home use applications, you do not need to consider very high RPMs and different torque adjustments. So, you can save money again.

Number of Batteries

The number of batteries in the package is also very important. If there is continuous heavy-duty use, you need to consider the packages that have 2 batteries. Also, the charging speed is very important.

With the increasing mAh values of chargers, the charging speed is much higher. In general, Li-On batteries of cordless drills are 1500-2000 mAh. And they generally charge in 1-2 hours. Also, you can use them for 10 hours continuously.

So, if the package includes two chargers, you can charge one of them and use the other one.

Number of Accessories

The total number of accessories is also a very important parameter in the selection of drill machines. For example, if you are looking for a cordless drill for your workshop, you can consider the highest number of accessories for them. Because you will use different kinds of fasteners and holes.

Also, if you are looking for your home, you do not need lots of the number of accesories. In general, you will use the cordless drill machine for standard applications.


You need to always check the manufacturer’s warranty of the drill machines. So, you can change the cordless drill with the intentional breakdowns. Also, a manufacturer warranty is one of the most important indicators of quality and strength.


Torque value is also a very important parameter. As you see above, there are wide varieties of torques ranging from 150 to 500 in.lbs. You can use the higher torques in industrial and heavy-duty applications. Because the higher the torque, the higher the tighter screwing and drilling powers.

If you are looking for home use, you do not need to find the higher torques. 150-250 in.lbs will be sufficient for nearly all home applications.


So, there is a wide variety of drill machines are available in the market. You need to know your needs and expectations from the cordless drills you have. So, you can select the best one for yourself. And also, you can save lots of money.

Also, we explained which factors are important in the cordless drill market. You can define the required factors that you are expecting from drill machines. After that, you can look for the possible drills from the market for you.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the best cordless drills.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

FAQs About The Best Cordless Drills

Can cordless drills drill concrete?

According to the power of the machine, they can drill. So, machines with higher voltages such as 20V or above and 400 torques can easily drill the concrete.

Can a cordless drill be used as a screwdriver?

If you buy a cordless drill machine, it will come with lots of screwdriver bits. You can use these screwdriver bits at lower speeds. You can adjust the speed from the gearbox of the machine.

Which cordless drill is the best?

It depends on the purpose of use. If you will use heavy-duty applications, you can look for higher torque and power machines. Also, if you are looking for home use, you can have lower-power devices.

Which is the best and most powerful cordless drill?

Maybe we can say that the best cordless drills are the Makita and BOSCH ones. But if you are looking for power, TECCPO can be a good candidate.

Where to buy cordless drilss? is the best place for these machines. You can find and compare the best cordless drills around different kinds of choices. Or you can take a look at the garden markets in your city to find them.

Are cordless drill batteries interchangeable?

In general, yes. But you need to take care of the voltages and currents. If you attach higher voltage batteries to lower voltage machines, you can brake the electrical system.

Which cordless drill batteries last longer?

There are different kinds of batteries. And you need to look at the Li-On ones. Also, with the increasing mAh values of the batteries, the total lasting period of the battery is longer. For general cordless drills, these values are 1.5 and 2 Ah which that last around 10 hours of working continuously.


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