Best Handsaws for Different Applications

Handsaws are very important parts of our toolboxes and garages. We need to have one of them cut the wooden parts and wood. But there are lots of kinds and variations in the market. Selecting the proper one for different kinds of applications is not an easy thing. You need to consider different parameters and different things to select the proper one. This is the complete guide to selecting the best handsaw for your different applications.

20 Best Handsaws for All Purposes

By looking at the general properties and features of these handsaws, you can select the proper one for yourself. And also, you can check the general checklist and guide at the end of the article if you want to select it accordingly for your applications.

1 – 14 in. Pro Hand Saw

QYQRQF Hand Saw for Professionals

QYQRQF Hand Saw for Professionals

  • Best for gardening applications.
  • Cutting for wooden and plastic parts.
  • Ergonomic handle design.

If you are looking for a standard gardening hand saw to cut the different kinds of wooden parts, this hand saw recommendation is for you. By using this hand saw application, you can easily use different kinds of materials such as cutting wood and plastic parts.

For example, in sawing, trimming, and cutting applications in gardening, this 14″ handsaw will be a very big companion for you. You can easily cut the different kinds of branches of wood and plants.

Also, you can use this handsaw for cutting drywall applications. So, it is available for different materials. The teeth of this handsaw are made from a high-speed steel material that you can easily cut the different parts.

High-speed steel is one of the most common materials in cutting tool applications in professional machining operations. So, the teeth will not go dull.

The non-slip rubber handle provides the best user experience and holding and gripping power for the cutting operations of the different branches. The teeth design is for both push and pulls cutting actions that are 50% more efficient than the conventional designs.

2 – REXBETI Folding Saw

REXBETI Folding Saw for Cutting Applications

REXBETI Folding Saw for Cutting Applications

  • Compact folding of the saw for safety.
  • You can place them in narrow spaces.
  • 11″ blade for cutting operations.

If you are looking for much smaller and compact hand saw applications, REXBETI folding blade will be a very good candidate for you. You can place it in your toolbox easily. And also it provides extra security with the folding blade.

High-speed steel material provides excellent cutting quality and durable applications for wood and plastic cutting. High-quality SK-5 steel is special for this hand saw application.

You can cut the 5″-6″ branches with the 11″ long blade easily. So, you can use it in the cutting of thick wooden parts professionally.

Also, the rubber-coated polymer handle provides very good cutting comfort for your hands. Your hands will not get tired or callused with the use of the handsaw.

7 TPI provides very good cutting operations for wooden and plastic parts. This TPI level is best for cutting soft materials such as wood and plastic.

It is best for backyard applications and home use. You can use it to trim the branches in your backyard easily. You can also have 8″ one if you want a much more compact handsaw product.

3 – Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

Corona Foldable Blade Hand Saw

Corona Foldable Blade Hand Saw

  • Best for compact applications.
  • 10″ blade.
  • Foldable design.

If you are looking for foldable hand saw applications, this is another important recommendation from us. Corona tools produce one of the highest quality handsaws. So, it is very important to have one of them in your toolboxes.

You can place the foldable blades in your storage and drawers easily if you want to obtain a more compact one. Also, the blade is made from high-speed steel which is the highest quality raw material that you can find.

Co-molded rubber handle provides excellent holding and gripping comfort for different kinds of applications. You will not easily get tired with the use of this tool. You can obtain faster cutting actions with the curved design.

The curved design provides better cutting action. You can the chip replacement is much more effective with this design. Also, the teeth are impulse hardened to obtain much more hard structures.

You can also find 7″ and 8″ options if you want much more compact designs and applications for you.

4 – CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 20-Inch

CRAFTSMAN 20" Handsaw for Professionals

CRAFTSMAN 20″ Handsaw for Professionals

  • Cutting for bigger pieces.
  • Best for cutting wood and plastics.
  • Best for heavy duty.

If you are dealing with bigger pieces of wood in your garage or workshop, you can look for a bigger handsaw. CRAFTSMAN produces the highest quality handsaws that you can use in heavy-duty applications. The 20″ blade provides the cutting of much bigger parts.

You can cut the pieces in a fast way with the special design of the tools. So, it is very easy for you to cut even the hardest woods. Also, the induction hardened teeth provide much higher hardness and life. The teeth do not get dull easily.

You can easily miter cuts by adjusting the angle of the cutting applications such as 45 degrees and 90 degrees. And also, the ergonomically designed handle provides very good holding and gripping of the tool.

5 – HAUTMEC 20 in. Pro Hand Saw

HAUTMEC 20" Professional Hand Saw

HAUTMEC 20″ Professional Hand Saw

  • Cutting professionally.
  • Best for wood working.
  • Different sizes are available.

This is another important bigger blade recommendation from us. You can have one of them cut the different kinds of materials and applications. The 50 centimeters of the blade provide better cutting action for the different materials.

You can cut bigger wooden parts with this 20″ hand saw easily. With the universal design, you can use it in the cutting applications of the different kinds of wooden and plastic parts.

6 – RUITOOL Japanese Hand Saw 6 Inch 

RUITOOL Japanese Handsaw

RUITOOL Japanese Handsaw

  • Flexible blade
  • 14 and 17 TPI
  • Flush cutting.

This is a very specific tool that has a very different design if we compare it with the conventional tools. This is a Japanese hand saw tool that has two sides of blades. These blades are 14 and 17 TPI in general. And you can use it in different wood cutting applications. You can use the 14 TPI for softwood and 17 TPI for hardwood.

The total length of the blades is 6 inches. So, you can easily cut the different woods in different sizes. And also, you can make flush cutting operations with the changing angle of the cutting.

The high-grade SK-5 high carbon steel provides very good cutting operation for this handsaw. So, you can easily use it in cutting the hardest materials. The blades will not get dull easily.

It is the best selection for DIY woodworking applications. The tips of the teeth are hardened to obtain the hardest materials. The removal of the chips will be much more effective with the special blade design. You can hold this handsaw easily from the wood handle.

7 – HAUTMEC Heavy Duty 11-Inch Professional General Purpose Handsaw

HAUTMEC Professional Handsaw

HAUTMEC Professional Handsaw

  • Cutting different materials.
  • Best for professional use.
  • Alloy steel blade material.

HAUTMEC produces the most general products for the best for different purposes. This is another hand saw tool that you can easily use in professional applications. It is available for a wide range of materials.

You can use it in the cutting of ABS/PVC pipe sawing applications and woodworking applications. With the 11″ of the teeth, you can easily use it in professional applications.

The blades are removable and adjustable for different cutting conditions in general. You can adjust the cutting angle up to 70 degrees to obtain the flush cutting operations.

Heat-treated 65Mn steel blade provides very high-quality cutting operations. The blades are very hard and you can easily use them in the cutting applications of different materials.

The aluminum frame and the TRP-wrapped mechanisms provide better adjustments and better gripping power of the handsaw. You can easily use it in applications where higher forces are required.

8 – BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw

BLACK+DECKER Electric Handsaw

BLACK+DECKER Electric Handsaw

  • Very comfortable wood cutting.
  • High-speed steel blade material.
  • Different blade models.

Also, electric handsaws are very useful and very comfortable to use in different woodworking applications. They save you from giving lots of power to you. So, you can easily use it in the hardest applications.

3.4 A electric provides very comfortably cutting action which is also very environmentally friendly for different applications. The lightweight design makes it possible to carry to different places. It gives comfort like other handsaw applications.

4600 SPM(Stroke per minute) gives very efficient wood cutting applications. Also, it provides the cutting of the materials at a very high rate. So, it is very easy to cut the materials a very high speeds.

You can easily change the blades without using any tool. So, it adds extra value to the user comfort of this electric handsaw application.

A Brushless electric motor also provides noise-free working. And you will not face the high noises of the petrol handsaw applications.

You can add extra blades for extra applications such as pipe cutting and PVC cutting applications. With the different sizes of the blades, you can easily cut the different sizes of the wooden parts.

9 – Spear & Jackson 9500R Back Saw

Spear & Jackson Hand Saw for Backyard

Spear & Jackson Hand Saw for Backyard

  • 22″ of the blade for bigger applications.
  • High carbon steel blade.
  • Best for manual wood cutting applications.

The teeth design of this hand saw application is universal. So, you can use them in the applications in your backyard. So, it will be very easy to use it in the prunning of the tree branches and plants will be very easy.

The teeth are also high precision and ground with cross machines. Because of this, the teeth are very sharp to cut even the hardest wood applications. You can also reshape the tooth to obtain the first-day performance.

Also, the friction is reduced with the universal teeth design. So, you can easily use these teeth in the applications. Cutting plywoods are also very easy with it.

You can find other kinds of models easily. With the different teeth number and the blade lengths that you need in general.

10 – IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw

IRWIN Tools Standard Handsaw

IRWIN Tools Standard Handsaw

  • 15″ of blade length.
  • High-speed steel blade material.
  • Tripple ground teeth.

This is another recommendation for universal blade saw application. So, you can use it in the applications where the cutting of the general wood applications. With the 15″ triple ground blade tips, sawing the woods will be 3 times easier than the other conventional applications.

Also, the high-speed steel material of this handsaw provides better quality and longer dulling times of the blade teeth. So, it is very important to have these teeth formations.

With the tapered pitch nose design, the cutting stability is enhanced. And also water-based lacquer provides an extra fast cut with higher control.

11 – X-STEEL Japanese Pull Saw Hand Flush deep Cutting Handsaw

X-STEEL Japanese Handsaw

X-STEEL Japanese Handsaw

  • High-quality SK-5 steel blade.
  • Razor-fine teeth.
  • No-slip comfortable handle.

This is another Japanese handsaw that you can use in different applications. You can change the cutting angle of the blade if you want. So, flush-cutting operations will be much easier for different applications. This is ideal for woodworking applications.

The wear-resistant and comfortable handle provide very good sawing comfort. Your hand will not get callused because of this action. The 0.7 thick blade provides extra mechanical strength for cutting the hardest wood materşaks. SK-5 high-speed steel is another important activation that you can easily use in your applications.

14 TPI of blades provides extra goog cutting of the wood materials. And it provides a very easy reciprocating motion for the cutting of the materials.

It is very good for the flush-cutting and cross-cutting operations that you use. So, they are very important in terms of the cutting operations of the different parts.

Also, you can replace the blade with a new one easily if you want to use it in different applications.

12 – GreatNeck 74002 20 Inch Aggressive Tooth Handsaw

GreatNeck Agressive Professional

GreatNeck Agressive Professional Handsaw

  • Aggressive tooth design.
  • 20″ blade length to cut the longest materials.
  • Carbon steel blades.

GreatNeck produces nearly the best handsaw tools for backyard applications. You can easily use them in backyard applications cush as cutting trees and cross-cut the saws.

You can use this handsaw in the cutting operations of all types of wood and plastics. The teeth material which is high carbon steel is best for these cutting operations. So, they will not get dull over time easily. And also, you can easily sharpen the teeth to increase the sawing performance.

Also, the 1mm alloy steel provides rust resistance. You can use it in high moisture environments easily. And you will not face any kinds of problems while you are using this tool.

The hand grip is made from a rubber coating that will not slip or calluses your hands during the cutting operations. The TPI value is 12 which is best for rough cutting operations.

13 – Amazon Basics SharpTooth Handsaw

Amazon Basics 20" Handsaw

Amazon Basics 20″ Handsaw

  • Best for professional applications.
  • Rough saw of the bigger parts.
  • SK5 steel with teflon coating.

Amazon Basics is among the most important producers of home tools in general. If you are looking for high-quality and big handsaw applications, this is the most important application that you can look for.

The teeth are SK-5 high-speed steel that you can use in applications where sawing the hardwoods is important. Also, teflon coating provides extra mechanical and rust stregntg to this handsaw application.

You can make precision cuts such as dovetails, miter, and tenons. So, it is a very useful handsaw application that you can easily use in different applications. With the 20″ blade, you can easily see the wood board, plastic, and wooden parts.

The non-slip aluminum frame provides better comfort while you are cutting different kinds of parts. Also, 14″ and 20″ blade lengths are available at lower prices on

14 – FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw for Camping

FLORA GUARD 7.7" Folding Camping

FLORA GUARD 7.7″ Folding Camping Handsaw

  • Best for camping applications.
  • Foldable teeth for extra compatibility and security.
  • 7.7″ compact blade sizes.

If you are looking for a handsaw application for camping purposes, this recommendation is for you. You can purchase FLORA GUARD 7.7″ folding campaign handsaw to add to your backpack.

You can easily cut the different branches and woods to gather fire for your camp fire. So, it will be much easier for you to carry a saw in your camping backpack. The carbon steel blades provide an extra advantage for cutting the different applications and different things easily. So, you will not bother yourself in applications where small size is important.

Also, you can easily cut the wooden branches up to 4″ in diameter. And it will be sufficient for the camping event. Also, the blades are impulse hardened to obtain much higher wear resistance and mechanical strength.

The foldable design provides extra security for the different applications that you have. So, if you fold it, you can easily have a very useful and safe carrying to prevent any injuries.

15 – B BOSI TOOLS Folding Saw, 8-Inch Pruning Hand Saw

B BOSU TOOLS Folding 8 Inch

B BOSU TOOLS Folding 8 Inch Hand Saw

  • Best for pruning and camping applications.
  • Best for tree trimming.
  • 8″ foldable design for extra comfort and safety.

This is another important recommendation from us that is a compact pruning and trimming handsaw application that you can have. So, you can fold the blades which are 8″, and you can put them into your toolbox easily.

In the pruning and trimming applications, you generally need many more little handsaws to use in these applications. So, this one is an ideal pruning hand saw that you can use in different applications.

The SK5 steel provides extra food-cutting applications in general. And the teeth of this handsaw will not get dull easily.

The soft grip feature provides extra cutting comfort which prevents slips in the sawing operations.

Also, maximum security is provided with a secure lock that you can easily use. And the blade will not open itself thanks to the secure lock.

16 – M Meisterstark Japanese Pull Saw Set

M Meisterstark 10" Two Sided Japanese Handsaw

M Meisterstark 10″ Two Sided Japanese Handsaw

  • 10″ two-sided blades.
  • Best for woodworking applications.
  • SK4 Carbon steel.

Japanese handsaw applications are very common in general. They are using these handsaws in the cutting of smaller wooden applications. 10″ two-sided blades provide better and longer blade life.

SK4 high carbon steel blade material provides the extra mechanical capability to cut the wooden parts. So, the blades will not get dull over the use of the different parts.

The general important feature of the Ryoba Japanese cutting handsaw, is they are only cutting in the pulling actions. So, some snagging could take place in the pushing. And in Japanese type of handsaws, this snagging is prevented.

Also, the ergonomic grip which is made from rubber materials is very good for hard applications. So, your hands will not get callused and you will not get tired over the application of long times.

17 – BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw

  • Best for backyard applications.
  • Cordless.
  • 20V of power.
  • High-speed steel blade.

After this point, we will give reciprocating electric saw recommendations. In reciprocating handsaw applications, BLACK+DECKER provides one of the best applications for you.

This is a cordless handsaw that you can use in the pruning applications of your backyard. The pruning and trimming of the branches and trees will be very effortless for you.

20V of battery provides all the important power that you need to cut different kinds of wood and branches effortlessly. With interchangeable batteries, you will not stay powerless during the sawing operations. The number of teeth is 24 which will be very easy to cut nearly all types of branches in the woods.

Also, it comes with 2 years of limited warranty by the BLACK+DECKER. And also, 4.5 pounds of weight of the handsaw will provide one of the best user experiences that you can have.

If you visit the Amazon store from the link, you can also add extra blades and batteries if you wish. Also, circular blade models are available. Th blades are made from high-speed steel which provides the highest quality with longer tool life.

It comes with BLACK+DECKER quality that you can use in life-long applications. So, it is a very durable tool that you can place in your workshop without any hesitation.

18 – POPULO Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Populo Cordless

Populo Cordless Handsaw

  • Different kinds and sizes of blades.
  • 20V Li-On battery.
  • Best for wood, plastic and metal cutting applications.

Cordless reciprocating handsaw applications are very useful if compare with manual ones. Because they provide effortless cutting of the wood materials. If you are constantly using handsaws, we recommend having one of them in your workshops and professional place.

Populo also provides a useful cordless reciprocating handsaw. You can use this handsaw in most professional applications such as metal cutting applications. And also, you can use it in professional wood and plastic cutting applications.

The 20V and 2 Ah Li-On battery provides very long-lasting cutting operations. You can easily charge and use this battery. Aksıi if you have 2 batteries, you will not stay powerless if you are constantly using them in professional cutting applications.

It comes with 5 additional saw blades in different TPI and different sizes. You can easily change the blade to use in different applications. So, it will be very easy for you to cut the materials.

You can rapidly change the blade easily to obtain very good designs. So, with the adjustable chuck design, you can easily change the blades without using any additional tooling.

The design of this machine is very useful that absorbs shocks and vibrations to obtain more comfortable sawing applications. So, it is possible to obtain much more precise cuttings with this feature.

Also, the total reciprocating speed is 2900 spm which is very good and high for the average reciprocating cordless handsaw applications. You can fully charge the battery in 80 mins.

19 – CRAFTSMAN V20 Reciprocating Saw Cordless Kit

CRAFTSMAN Cordless Kit

CRAFTSMAN Cordless Handsaw Kit

  • 20V Li-On battery.
  • High-speed steel blade material.
  • Brushless drive provides much more smooth action.
  • Super fast charging.

You know that CRAFTSMAN produces the best tools for different applications. So, this is the cordless handsaw kit that we can recommend for you. This high-speed steel that is powered with a brushless drive electric motor provides the best comfortable sawing operations. So, you will have very high comfort with this tool.

With the extra fast charging system, you will have very good applications that you can easily use. This machine can reach 3000 RPM easily which provides high quality and high precision cutting applications.

Also with the high-speed steel material of the blade, the blade does not get dull after w while easily. So, you can have one of these applications in your backyard. The total length of the blade is 6″ so you can cut the different depths of branches easily.

Also, you can easily attach and detach the blade without using any extra tools. This provides very good versatility to your applications. With the compact size which is 14.5 inches, it is very easy to use in narrow spaces.

And also, you can find tool only a selection if you visit the store from the link. So, you can easily have only the tool without batteries or chargers. If you have batteries and chargers, you can have tool only selection.

20 – Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

SKIL 7.5A Reciprocating Handsaw

SKIL 7.5A Reciprocating Handsaw

  • High power.
  • Versatile use with variable speed.
  • High-speed steel.

Corded electric machines provide much more power in general if we compare them with cordless ones. If you will use this machine in fixed places such as workshops and carpentry places, we recommend having an electric corded reciprocating saw.

Skil is a very good example of electric corded handsaws. With the high-speed steel material, the blade will not get dull easily with common use. Also with corded electric, you can easily use it in different wood sawing applications where high power is required.

The counterbalance system inside the tool provides 0 vibrations because of the reciprocating motion. So, it provides extra balance and precision in the sawing applications.

You can easily change the blade without using any extra tool which provides very good control over the machine. Also, you can use the pivoting foot while you are cutting the tough materials.

So, if you are looking for heavy-duty electric handsaw applications, you can have one of them in your garage or workshıop.

It is very important to notice that this device works with 120V grip voltage. So, if you are ordering from other nations such as European countries, it will not work with 230 and 240V voltages.

How to Choose the Best Handsaw Application?

While you are choosing the best handsaw application for you, you need to consider several important points and parameters. While assessing these parameters, you can easily know which handsaw application is best for you.


Like in lots of things, price is very important. It is very important to define a specific budget. You need to know the maximum and minimum money that you can spend on a handsaw. Because there are different kinds of handsaw applications available for different prices. And these handsaws have varşous advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Before looking at other parameters that you need to consider, you need to define the total budget to expend on a handsaw. The prices of handsaws change between $5 to $150 according to the features.

Use of the Handsaw

The purpose and the use of the handsaw application is a very important parameters that we need to consider. You can use handsaw in professional applications where you commonly use them on the daily basis. So, comfort and the long-life are the general features that you are looking for in the handsaw application.

Also, if you are looking for a handsaw for your backyard, you do not need to spend so much money on professional ones. You can have a standard handsaw with high-speed steel blades. You will not probably heavily use these handsaws in heavy-duty applications. So, it is very important to have handsaw applications for home and DIY use.

Foldable handsaws are also very important. If you will use the handsaw in mobile applications such as camping, you need to look for the smaller handsaws. The foldable handsaws are available for camping applications.


Size is also a very important parameter that you need o to consider. This is because you need to have bigger handsaw applications to see the bigger wooden parts. If you are thinking about cutting and sawing smaller branches and if you use them in trimming and pruning applications, you do not need to look for the bigger applications. The smaller saws will be sufficient for you.

Power Source

In general, there are three types of power sources are available. You know that most of the hand saw applications are manual. You need to use your body power to cut the wooden parts.

Also, there are electric-powered reciprocating saw machines. Using them is very useful in sawing applications. And also, there are battery-powered machines and corded machines.

The corded machines are much more powerful than the cordless ones. So, you can use them in professional carpentry applications. You are directly supplying from the gripping power. And also, the cordless battery-powered handsaws are very useful in outdoor professional applications. You can use it to trim the bigger gardens easily. They are very applicable to bigger outdoor plants.

Blade Material

Blade material is also a very important parameter in handsaw applications. But in general, the blade materials are two types. High carbon steel and high-speed steel. High-speed steel blades are more durable than high-carbon steel. They have special alloying elements in them to improve the tool life. But also, high-carbon steels are very good for gardening and DIY applications.

It is also very important to select the induction hardened blades. Because, with these heat treatments, blade material becomes much harder and long life. If you are looking for the best handsaw applications with long tool life, high-speed steel materials with induction hardened ones are the best.

Conclusion on Best Handsaws

As you see above, there are different kinds and types of handsaws available in different markets. So, it is very important to have these handsaw applications in our different applications. This availşabbility of different types makes them very hard to select a proper one for our applications.

There are several parameters that you need to consider to select the best handsaw application for yourself. If you consider these parameters, you choose the best handsaw application for you.

So, these are the general points about the different best handsaw applications. It is possible to select the best application for you.

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the best handsaw applications. Also, if you have additional suggestions and recommendations, leave them in the comments.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

FAQs About Best Handsaws

What is the most useful saw to own?

It changes according to which applications you will use. Because, if you will use these handsaw applications in your backyard, you do not need to pay lots of money for electric applications. Also, if you will use these handsaw applications in different kinds of carpentry, it will be better to have a cordless or corded electric reciprocating handsaw.

What is a handsaw good for?

We are using handsaw applications to cut trees, and branches and pruning applications in gardens. Also, we are using these handsaw applications in carpentry. In carpentry, woodworking is very important. So, the most professional handsaw applications are generally woodworking applications. So, there are different kinds of uses of the handsaw applications in general.

What type of tool is a handsaw?

Handsaws are special applications to cut wooden and plastic parts. There is a special blade design that makes it possible to cut the parts in both reciprocating cutting directions. So, it is very easy for cutting the different materials with saw applications.

Can I use a handsaw to cut wood?

In general, the purpose of most handsaw applications is to cut wood. So, if you are looking for a handsaw application, it is better to look for cutting wood. There are different kinds of handsaw types to cut different sizes and different types of wood applications. You can select the best one for these applications and the general types are, handsaws, battery-powered handsaws, and corded-powered handsaws. You can check the general points to select the best one for you.


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