Best Steering Wheel Cleaners

Steering wheels are maybe the most used part of our cars. So you need to have a steering wheel cleaner. We are always touching the steering wheels every time. So dirt can be a serious problem with them. And people want to be in touch with objects which are clean enough. Here, we will give important tricks and products for the best steering wheel cleaners.

15 Best Steering Wheel Cleaners

Here you can find the best steering wheel cleaners for the different kinds and materials of them. Check them out to find the best one for you!

It is very important to clean your steering wheels regularly. Because you are touching this part of your car several times. So, it is very important to hold it clean.

Accumulating bacteria and dirt is much higher than the other interior parts on them because you actively carry dirt and germs with your hands to them. So, you need to clean it thoroughly if you want to obtain a clean action.

1 – Weiman Leather Best Cleaner for Leather Steering Wheels

WEIMAN Leather Cleaner

WEIMAN Leather Cleaner

  • Best for the leather material.
  • Easy to use.
  • UV protection.

Most of the original best steering wheel cleaners for cars are from leather materials. Because leather provides very good gripping comfort for drivers. But, you need to give a special amount of attention to cleaning the leather materials. Here, we recommend you to use WEIMAN leather cleaner.

For leather ones, you can apply this cleaner easily. The special solution will remove the dirt on them. And it will gain its first-day appearance. All the microbes will be cleansed with this solution.

The application of this spray is very easy. You just need to spray on the surface and wipe it to remove the dirt from the leather ones.

Also, the sun harms the leather to fade away and lowers its quality. This best steering wheel cleaner provides the best cleaning application and UV protection that will prevent any sun exposure. So, the leather ones will be much more long-lasting.

You can easily use the different leather surfaces in your car, such as leather seats, and leather coatings on the doors. And also, you can use it for motorcycle steals that exposes lots of suns and atmospheric conditions.

2 – Geist. Leather & Upholstery Cleaning Brush for Steering Wheels

Leather & Upholstery Cleaning Brush for Steering Wheels

Leather Brush

  • Easy application.
  • Does not harm the leather surface of them.
  • High quality.

Brushing the leather steering wheels is also a very useful method to clean the dirt from them. This is a special leather brush that you can use for your steering wheels. The bristles are very high in quality that provides very easy application.

Also thanks to its compact size, you can easily place it in the different places of your car. Furthermore, you can place it in your toolboxes.

In leather materials, the dirt stuck between the small cells. So, the special bristles of this leather brush are very good to remove this small cell dirt.

You can also apply it to other leather applications such as car seats, leather sofas, etc.

3 – Leather Honey Complete Leather Care Kit for Leather Steering Wheels

Leather Steering Wheel Care Kit

Leather Steering Wheel Care Kit

  • Cleaning and caring of leather materials.
  • Comes with lint-free cloths.
  • Both leather conditioner and leather cleaner.

If you are using leather steering wheels, you need to apply special care and maintenance to stay the leather materials in brand-new condition. So, this Leather Honey kit will very useful for you.

The package includes both steering wheel cleaning lotion and the leather conditioner. So, you can both make cleaning and care for the best quality. You can apply it to different kinds of colors and types of leather ones.

The leather conditioner is a very useful chemical that will penetrate the leather structure of your steering wheel to prevent it to get old the leather. The leather will stay live with the application of this non-harmful and odorless leather conditioner.

Also with the leather best steering wheel cleaner, you can easily clean them to obtain much more effective cleaning actions. The non-toxic cleaner does not contain any harmful chemicals both for the driver and the steering wheel leather. The leather will stay clean with these products.

You just need to use them with lift-free cloths to get the satisfaction from the cleaning application.

4 – Air Jungles 3in1 Leather Cleaner Wipes for Steering Wheels

Leather Cleaner Wipes for Steering Wheels

Leather Cleaner Wipes for Steering Wheels

  • Very easy application.
  • Disposable.
  • Best for leather applications.

Cleaning leathers will be problematic with conventional wipes. The quality and vividness of the leather ones will be lost with the cleaning wipes. So, it is very important to have leather cleaner wipes special for this application.

It is a very effective wipe that will clean out the whole dirt from your steering wheel. And there are no chemicals that will harm the leather of them also. You can easily use and dispose of all the wipes.

With the 70 pieces of wipes, you can use a long way in only one package. Also, you will see the protective shine after using it on your wheels.

The lint-free structures of the wipes will not leave any greasy feeling after the application of it onto the surfaces of the leather materials. And also, there are not harmful chemicals to the human skin. You can immediately use it after the application of it.

5 – Chemical Guys Leather Steering Wheel Kit

Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit for Steering Wheels

Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit for Steering Wheels

  • Full care of the leather surfaces.
  • Not for only steering wheel applications.
  • 5 different care packs.

Complete care for the steering wheel applications is very important. You need to take special care of their leather with this full Chemical Guys set.

This set is not only available for leather steering wheel cleaning applications. You can use them in all leather cleaning applications. So, it is very easy to use in different kinds of applications that you have.

With the leather cleaner lotion, you can remove all kinds of dirt on them. So, you will have a very clean touching surface.

The pH of the cleaner is adjusted to not harm the leather surface. So, you can easily use it in the applications.

Also with the leather conditioner and leather scent lotions, you can create a new-like odor and vivid appearance on the steering wheel leather.

6 – Adam’s Leather Care Kit for Steering Wheels

Adam's Leather Steeirng Wheel Cleaner

Adam’s Leather Steeirng Wheel Cleaner

  • Best for leather steering wheels.
  • Both conditioner and cleaner.

This is another important recommendation from us for your application. With this steering wheel cleaning kit, you can easily clean all the dirt from the leather and glow the leather-like first day.

Without harming the leather, you can clean all the contaminants on your steering wheel applications. So, it will be very easy for you to clean them out. After cleaning the steering wheel, you can easily use the conditioner to make the maintenance of your leather material.

The pH is not high or low to harm the leather material in a bad way. So, you can be sure about the general performance of this best leather steering wheel cleaner. Also, the UV protection of the conditioner makes the life of the leather ones much higher. Because UV light is a prime problem in terms of the steering wheels.

You can use this product in the applications of different kinds of leather surfaces in your cars such as car seats and door coatings.

7 – Chemical Guys Detailing Brush for Steering Wheels

Detailing Brush for Steering Wheels

Detailing Brush for Steering Wheels

  • Easy and fast cleaning.
  • Comfortable handle.

Chemical Guys are producing the best products to clean the applications. And the detailing brushes are the best for cleaning leather steering wheels.

You can easily remove the dirt that your part. You can easily apply it to your steering wheel applications. With the high-quality plastic grip, you can easily remove all the dirt without harming the leather material of the steering wheel.

Also, you can use it to remove the different debris and dirt from the different leather parts and sections of your car. So, it will be very useful. You can easily place it in your car because it has a very compact design.

8 – 3 Pieces Horsehair Leather Polishing Brush Set

Detailing Brush Set for Leather

Detailing Brush Set for Leather Steering Wheels

  • Horsehair.
  • Best for different little leather surfaces.

Also, you can have a very good detailing brush set to clean the different details of them These different sizes will make it easy to clean the dirt from the narrow sections.

The steering wheel that you have lots of details and intricate surfaces dirt will accumulate in these sections. So, you need to have special brushes to clean these sections. In this set, you have both little and big brushes that you can easily clean the dirt.

Also, the horsehair will not harm the leather while you are cleaning your leather ones. The surface of the leather will shine like the first day that you bought your car.

Furthermore, this set comes with a cloth that you can easily clean upholstery.

9 – SHIELDPRO 41 Pcs Drill Brush Attachments for All Details

Detailing Brush Set for All Surfaces of Your Car

Detailing Brush Set for All Surfaces of Your Car

  • 41 pieces of brushes.
  • Both for exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Best for cleaning steering wheels.

This recommendation is not only for your application. With the 41 pieces of brush and cleaning cloth set, you will have all the important parts to clean all parts of your car.

Also, there are very good detailing brushes that you can easily clean your steering wheels. With the small brushes, you can easily clean the intricate details. So, by applying them, you can easily clean the steering wheels that you have.

Furthermore, cleaning all the details of your seats and leather parts will be very easy with the different sizes of the detailing burhs. Also with the clothes, you can clean the windshield and other windows easily.

There are other packages available on if you visit the store. You can have different pieces such as 22 pieces, 30 pieces even 46 pieces. They will be a very good part of your garage and you will not face any problem while you are cleaning your car.

10 – Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Steering Wheels

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for  Applications.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Steering Wheel Applications.

  • Best for removing bacteria.
  • Does not harm the leather.
  • Best for removing dirt.

In general, microfiber cloths are best to remove dirt from different surfaces. So, you can use microfiber cleaners to clean the dirt from your steering wheel.

On them, there will be lots of bacteria accumulation because of the dirt accumulation from your hands. You are washing your hands in several times a day. But, you are not washing them in these ways. You are toıuching to the steering wheel with your hand in several times a day. So, it is very important to clean them on a regular period.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are best for removing the dirt from the leather steering wheel surfaces. So, if you wipe them with them, you will remove all the possible dirt from your applications. With these 12 pieces of microfiber cloth set, you will have a suffiecnt amount of them to clean all the surfaces of your car.

It is a lint-free cloth that will not harm or scratch the leather material that you have. So, it is very important to have these in your garages. You can also easily wash them with water after using them. So, you can use one microfiber cloth several times by cleaning them with water.

Furthermore, you can find other package options if you visit through the link above. If you increase the number of clothes, you will pay much less. If you are looking for microfiber clothes for all the cleaning applications that you have, you can consider the 100-piece package one for $24.

11 – Malco Clean & Shine Interior Car Cleaner for Plastic Steering Wheels

Cleaner for Plastic Steering Wheels

Cleaner for Plastic Steering Wheels

  • Best for plastic steering wheels.
  • Good removal of dirt.

Another important material is plastics. Plastic materials are very common in different kinds of applications. So, we can apply different kinds of products to clean the plastic materials.

Clean & Shine is a very useful plastic interior cleaner. You can easily clean your plastic steering wheels to remove all the bacteria, microbes, and dirt. You can use it with a microfiber cloth and apply it accordingly. Before starting to clean your steering wheel, you need to test it in a small area to see whether will harm the material.

Also, it is best to remove any grease or oil from them. A greasy surface can lead to a problem with comfort. You can easily clean the plastic surface. Also, you can use it the cleaning the plastic surface easily.

12 – Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense All Surface Cleaner

All Steering Wheel Material Cleaner

All Steering Wheel Material Cleaner

  • Applicable to nearly all materials.
  • Rubber, plastic, and vinyl steering wheel cleaning applications.

Also, if you are looking for a common cleaner spray for all the parts of your car including them, this Chemical Guys all-material cleaner spray will be very useful for you.

With this cleaner, you can clean all the plastic surfaces easily including the steering wheel. And unscented features are another important thing that will not leave any scent in your car.

Also, the low foam mixture will not leave any greasy surfaces on your items. The colorless and odorless formula provides the best cleaning comfort in your car. So, it will be very easy to clean the different surfaces, seats, doors, and steering wheels of your car.

It is very effective to remove dirt and stains easily from plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces. You can easily dilute with water according to the application. So, it is concentrated at a specific level that you can adjust concentration easily.

Also, you can consider the other packages if you want to have them with a towel or much higher amounts of cleaner on

13 – CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer for Steering Wheels

Car Guys Plastic Restorer

Car Guys Plastic Steering Wheel Restorer

  • Useful in plastic cleaning and vitalization.
  • The result lasts the lifetime of plastic parts.

Fading and dulling through time is the most important problem that most plastic parts have. So, to improve the color and life of the plastic parts that dulled and faded with UV exposure from the sun, you can use this product.

With exposure to external conditions, your steering wheel can be withered even if it from plastic material. So, you can use this Car Guys plastic restorer product to bring your plastic material to life. Also, it is durable in moisture environments. Moisture can be a problematic issue in terms of plastics.

You can end the oily and greasy senses from your application with this application. And you can have a shining surface of your plastic steering wheel with this product easily.

The application of this plastic restorer is very basic. With the rubber sponge that comes with it, you can easily clean the different surfaces by spilling this plastic restorer on the sponge. So, it will be very easy to apply them on different surfaces.

It is not harmful to most plastic materials in general. You can apply it safely on your steering wheels.

14 – Weiman Cabinet & Wood Clean & Shine Spray for Wooden Steering Wheels

Best Wooden Steering Wheel Cleaner

Best Wooden Steering Wheel Cleaner

  • Best for wooden steering wheels.
  • Wooden care product.

Wooden materials are common in classic cars in general. And you need to take a special car about the classic cars to maintain for years. So, for the wooden steering wheels, you need to apply wooden cleaning chemicals. Otherwise, you can harm the material in a bad way.

You can use this Weiman wood cleaner kit to clean the wooden ones. It can easily remove the dirt and greasy surface from tour applications. Also, you can use it in the wooden interior parts of your car easily.

Furthermore, it protects from environmental hazards in wood applications. It is better to save the original wooden parts of the classic cars. And you need to provide very good maintenance. So, you can do this with wooden cleaners.

The almond scent provides the best wooden experience for people. So, you will provide a very good vibe to your interior car. And also, it comes with a microfiber cloth that you can easily apply accordingly.

15 – MiracleWipes for Wood Surfaces for Wood Steering Wheels

Wipes to Clean Wooden Applications

Wipes to Clean Wooden Steering Wheel Applications

  • Best for wooden steering wheels.
  • Easy application on different surfaces.

Disposable wipes are also very useful in the cleaning of dirt from surfaces. You are not dealing with spraying and cleaning clothes. If you have wooden steering wheel applications, you can easily use this product for cleaning the wood.

You can easily remove the dirt and grime buildup on the wooden interior parts of your car. And also, deep cleaning of the wooden parts is provided with it. You just need to wipe the wooden surface and dispose of it.

It adds extra shine to the wooden parts which will be very useful for the cleaning of applications. So, you do not need to bother yourself with normal products.

The phosphate-free formulation of these wipes, will not be harmful to the wood materials. And they are best for the maintenance of these parts and other wooden interior parts of cars. You can clean all the steering wheels in only below 1 minute with these wipes.

How to Clean Your Steering Wheel?

Steering wheel.

As you see above there are various kinds of products that you can use to clean your application. But here we explain to clean your steering wheel most effectively.

Above, you can find all the important parts and cleaning item recommendations for different materials of them. So, it will be very easy for you to clean the steering wheels effectively.

Step 1: Choose Proper Cleaner for Your Steering Wheel

There are various kinds of chemicals for various materials of them. Wood, leather, and plastic materials are the most common ones. And you can find the proper cleaners for these materials in the list above. So, select the proper cleaner for your steering wheel.

Step 2: Spray It on The Microfiber Towel

You need to spray the cleaning solution or chemical on the microfiber towel. Do not directly spray it on them. Because you can spray it to the other electronic parts accidentally and it can harm your car.

Make sure that you are using a microfiber towel in your cleaning application. Because you need to apply it accordingly. Other kinds of clothes can scratch your material. Or they will not be effective as you expect from a microfiber towel.

Step 3: Clean Your Steering Wheel

By using this microfiber cleaning towel, you can easily clean your application. You need to tightly scrub to clean the dirt that is accumulated on the surface. Scrub the microfiber towel on the holding places and the center of the steering wheel.

To clean the intricate details and sections that you can not clean with a towel, you can use cotton sticks. So, you will get rid of the dirt from the narrow sections of your steering wheel.

Step 4: Dry the Cleaner from Steering Wheel

Once you finished cleaning your steering wheel with the wet microfiber, use dry microfiber to dry the surface from contaminant and the cleaning liquid. So, you will have a clean surface.

Step 5: Use Brushes

In the product section, you can see that different brushes are available to clean them. So, you can easily clean the details and take care of the extra cleaning. You can give extra shine to your application by rubbing with the brushes after cleaning.

Step 6: Use Disenfectants

After cleaning action and brushing action of the interior of the car, you can spray disinfectants to remove the microbes that you can not clean with the conventional methods stated above.

How to Select Proper Best Steering Wheel Cleaners?

First of all, the material of your application is very important. According to the material, there are different cleaning chemicals available. You can find the best ones above. Do not use cleaners and cleaning chemicals for material on other materials. For example, alcohol-based cleaning equipment will be very harmful to wooden materials.

After selecting a proper chemical, you need brush equipment for giving a shiny and new appearance after cleaning actions. It is better to have different sizes of brushes to clean the brush in narrow sections.

You need to use microfiber cloths to clean your steering wheel. Above, you can find the best microfiber clothes to clean your steering wheels.


You need to take a special car for the steering wheel cleaning. Because the accumulation of microbes and dirt can be a serious problem. You are constantly touching them.

According to their different materials of them, you need to have different cleaning solutions. The most common materials are polymers, wood, and leather. And you can find the proper cleaners here to clean the steering wheels that you have.

With brushes and microfiber clothes, you can easily wipe all the dirt without any problem. So, it is very important to clean it effectively with the products above. You need to select the proper ones to clean all the dirt.

These are the general points on how to clean them and which products are best for steering wheel cleaning.

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the steering wheel cleaners.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.


What can I use to clean my steering wheel?

According to the material, you need to select a proper cleaning chemical. And you need to have a microfibre cloth to apply this chemical to clean your application. And also, it is better to have a brush to brush the surface to have a shiny and new surface. These are the important items to clean the steering wheels in general.

How do you clean dirty leather steering wheels?

You can easily clean the dirty leather ones with leather cleaners and conditioners. They are best for cleaning leather materials without giving any harm. Also, leather conditioners are very useful for the care of leather. Otherwise, it will lose its first-day vividness over time.

How do you deep clean a steering wheel?

You can easily clean them by applying proper chemicals according to the materials. And rubbing the surface with microfiber cloths will remove all the contaminants and microbes. Also, brushing will remove the rough dirt and make your steering wheel shine.

How do you clean a sticky dirty steering wheel?

You can easily clean the sticky dirty parts with the use of chemical cleaners. Spray these cleaners on the microfiber cloth, and rub the surface with this cloth to remove the sticky dirt. And apply a dry cloth to remove the dirt and the cleaner from the steering wheel.





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