Best Tablets For Computer-Aided Drawing!

Computer-aided drawing or CAD with its abbreviation is a tool that designers, engineers, or other professional areas that are dealing with the computer visualization of products or objects. There are various kinds of CAD software in the market that are used by engineers and designers. All of this CAD software requires some different system or hardware to run on computers or tablets. The device that you will run a CAD software must satisfy these hardware requirements. 

If you are thinking about buying a tablet to run CAD software, you need to consider that nearly all the CAD software packages launch a new version of that software every year. You will probably use that tablet for years and your tablet must have hardware and software to be updated for years. Keep this fact aside… 

In this article, you will find satisfying information about how to select a proper tablet for different CAD applications for different professions. Also, the budget of the buyers and customers is considered. 

CAD software is used in different ways by different professional areas. For example, a mechanical engineer uses CAD software differently compared with industrial designers. The difference comes from the rendering, use of assemblies, complexity of the designed systems, level of use of the CAD software, etc. 

Before starting the tablet recommendations, one should know which hardware serves which feature for CAD software. 

General Hardware Features Of Tablets For CAD Softwares

We are generally select our tablets and computers according to our needs. And the hardware features of digital devices change according to these needs. You may think that CAD is a very narrow area to select from various tablet choices. But, the hardware requirements can change according to the level of use of CAD by different professions. Different hardware parts can affect different sides of CAD environments. 

GPU(Graphical Processing Unit)

GPU of the tablets is one of the most important hardware. Lots of kinds of features are expected from CAD software affected by the GPU of the system. In CAD software, various tasks are performed such as rendering, engineering simulations, and animations. All of these tasks are performed by the GPU of the system. So, the GPU must be powerful enough to overcome these tasks. 

CPU(Central Processing Unit)

In CPUs of computers and tablets, all the general tasks inside the computer take place. We can think the CPU is the brain of computers. CPU must be powerful enough to overcome complex tasks such as opening and closing the CAD software, opening and saving complex CAD files, etc. With an insufficient CPU, there will be lots of lags while you are dealing with your CAD projects. 

Display Quality 

You are the user and you need to receive a high-quality display from the CAD programs. The display quality is generally defined with size and resolution. You need to select the required display quality. 


You will deal with lots of kinds of projects that can have very big or small sizes of CAD files. So, it will be very useful to have the required space on your tablet. 

According to these properties of computers or tablets, generally, tablets and computers are selected for different tasks in CAD environments. Let’s take a look at the Mechanicalland’s tablet choices for different CAD users!

The Best Tablets For CAD Users!

Mechanicalland always makes the best choices around lots of products in terms of price and performance for its users. For different CAD tasks, the best products are selected. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Tablet

We can start with the tablet that gives maybe the best hardware features for computer-aided drawing. This recommendation is for very professional users that design very complex assemblies and products with very high-quality renderings and visualizations. Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is for graphical designers other than engineers. In terms of the price and performance, the price side of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Tablet predominates… 

Microsoft Surface Pro 8-13″ Touchscreen – Intel Evo Platform Core i7-32GB Memory – 1TB SSD – Device Only – Platinum (Latest Model)

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In general, CAD software developers such as Dassault Systemes recommend a minimum of 8 GB of RAM for computers and other devices. 16 GB RAM of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ will be very satisfactory for all the tasks in all complexities of computer-aided design tasks. 


SSD storage is strongly recommended by all types of computer software producers because of the more optimized and fast running of software. If you have complex engineering CAD files, it will be very important to open that file from SSD and run the CAD program from SSD. Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s 1 TB SSD storage will be very sufficient your all types of CAD programs that can be installed in it. 

Quad-core Intel i7 10th Gen Processor! 

As we stated above, a processor is very important in terms of the fast running of multiple tasks on computer or tablet devices. Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s Intel i7 10th generation will be great and the best for this property that is expected from CAD software that runs in tablets. 

‎Intel Iris Plus Graphics!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ has Intel Irıs Plus graphics which has superior features to run all types of tasks of CAD software. GPUs are important because that they are responsible for processing visual tasks such as renderings, complex assemblies, and simulations. All types of complex tasks can be achieved with Intel Iris Plus Graphics! 

12.3-inch PixelSense Display! 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+’s 12.3-inch screen will be a very satisfactory screen size that will give you the required comfort. Also, it comes with the 10-point multitouch feature! With the Windows OS, you will feel that you are using a normal laptop while you are dealing with your CAD projects! 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Tablet -256GB

Microsoft’s tablet series has very plenty of choices in terms of CAD programs. Our second recommendation is again a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. But in terms of the price/performance, the hardware features of this tablet are more optimized and for buyers who have relatively low budgets. 

With this option of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet, you can run CAD software and you can make middle-ranged tasks without facing any problems. You can do singular part designs, middle-range complexities of CAD assemblies. So, this recommendation is also for engineers who are dealing with the CAD environments to obtain their engineering designs, especially mechanical engineers. Let’s check the features. 

Microsoft 12.3″ Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 Touchscreen Tablet, Intel Core i7-1065G7 1.3GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro, Free Upgrade to Windows 11, Platinum

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As we stated above, most CAD software developers are generally recommended a minimum of 8 GB of RAM to run their CAD software without any problem. So, 8 GB RAM of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will be sufficient to run CAD software without any problem. 

256 GB SSD!

Instead of 1 TB SSD of the first recommendation, this Microsoft Surface Pro 7 version has 256 GB of SSD which will be also sufficient to run CAD software and store the CAD files inside it. The size of the SSD matters according to the requirements of the CAD users. 

Intel Dedicated GPU Card!

Dedicated GPU Cards are generally sufficient to run most CAD software, but it will not allow for complex renderings or visualizations. As we stated above, it will be sufficient to run CAD software to design singular parts and middle-complexity of assemblies which will be enough for most mechanical engineers.

3.3 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU! 

My computer has also an Intel Core i5 CPU in which I will not face any problem when I run different CAD software in it. Also, I can make nearly complex CAD designs on my computer. So, i5 will be very sufficient for engineers who are dealing with CAD environments at a certain level. 

‎12.3 Inches Of Screen Size! 

The size of the screen of this version of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the same as the first recommendation which will serve very broad experience while dealing with CAD software. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

This recommendation will be an Android OS recommendation which will for users who are looking for an Android tablet to run CAD software. The most known CAD software can be run on Android devices, but you need to be sure that your CAD software can be run on Android devices. The hardware properties of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 are for middle-ranged users of CAD software such as engineers. Let’s check the hardware features of the Samsun Galaxy S7! 

Galaxy Tab S7+ Plus 12″ 4 256GB | LTE & Wi-Fi SM-T975N | Factory Unlocked – Korean International Version (Mystic Bronze)

You can check the prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 through the link or the ‘Shop Now!’ button!

256 GB Flash Memory!

Although the CAD software producers are recommending SSD drives, Android versions of the CAD software are optimized for Android devices with flash memory storage. 256 GB of storage will be very sufficient enough to create and store all of your CAD files and install the CAD software in them. This flash memory can be extended up to 1 TB.

3.09 GHz of CPU!

CPUs are compared according to their GHz values. In general, 3+ GHz of CPUs are recommended to run different CAD software. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 provides 3.09 GHz of GPU and it is very sufficient to run CAD software. 


If we think that the generally expected minimum RAM requirement from devices is 8 GB RAM. In terms of this, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7’s 8 GB RAM will be sufficient to run various CAD software without any problem. 

Integrated GPU!

Android devices generally have integrated graphics cards. But these integrated cards are generally sufficient to run most CAD software and make non-complex singular CAD designs and assemblies. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7s integrated graphics card will be sufficient for most engineers that deal with CAD software as auxiliary packages.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Our 4th tablet recommendation to run CAD software is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. This recommendation is also the Windows platform which is the best for various CAD programs. We can assess this recommendation like a computer or laptop recommendation in which the hardware features are the same with laptops or computers. Let’s check the hardware features of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold in terms of CAD programs and CAD projects. –

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 20RK000PUS Tablet – 13.3″ QXGA – 8 GB RAM – 256 GB SSD – Windows 10 Home 64-bit – Black – Intel SoC – Intel Core i5 i5-L16G7 Penta-core (5 Core) 1.40 GHz – 2048 x 1536 – 5

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256 GB SSD!

In Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, there is a 256 GB solid-state drive in which you can install your CAD program. Also, it will be sufficient for all the files and projects that can be stored inside. 

8 GB RAM! 

As we stated above, nearly all the CAD software producers recommend a minimum of 8 GB of RAM in devices to run CAD programs. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold includes 8 GB RAM which will be very satisfactory for your CAD projects! 

Intel Core i5 Penta-Core!

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold includes a very strong CPU compared with other devices. Intel Core i5 1.4 GHz Penta core CPU will be very satisfied while you are dealing with your very complex CAD projects in Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold! 

13.3 Inches Of Foldable Screen!

Foldable screens are brand-new technologies that are used in a few devices in today’s technology. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold has a foldable 13.3 inches screen which will provide a very useful working environment to its users. 

Integrated Intel Graphics 

In terms of the GPU, maybe this feature of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is not competitive. But, it will be satisfactory for engineers who are using the CAD programs as auxiliary to other programs. 

Apple iPad Pro

First of all, you need to be aware that, all the CAD software programs are not compatible with iOS systems. This recommendation is for the CAD software which is compatible with iOS systems. Maybe some visitors are looking for iOS tablets to run their CAD program inside it. Our recommendation is Apple iPad Pro. Let’s check the Apple iPad Pro hardware features in terms of the CAD programs. 

2021 Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Wi‑Fi, 512GB) – Space Gray

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512 GB of Storage!

Apple iPad Pro comes with 512 GB of storage which will be enough for all types of CAD programs and its project files! But, according to your needs, there are other storage capacity choices of Apple iPad Pro such as 1TB, 256GB, WiFi, or Cellular types. 

Integrated Apple Graphics

Apple GPU in Apple iPad Pro will be very satisfactory for complex projects that must be done in CAD software such as renderings, simulations, etc. If you are a middle-ranged user of CAD software, Apple iPad Pro graphics will be sufficient for you! 

12.9-Inch Edge-to-Edge Liquid Retina Display!

The display quality of Apple products is a known fact around techies. Apple iPad Pro display will provide advanced quality of usability to its CAD users that you can feel the professionality. 

Selecting The Proper Device For Yourself

Actually, as an engineer or designer, you need to have a strong ability to select the required devices for required works and tasks. An engineer or designer can deal with different kinds of projects and tasks with different kinds of devices. So, you need to have primary knowledge about which kind of hardware feature is expected for which kind of task. 

In the articles in Mechanicalland that recommend devices for different tasks such as CAD or CAE, we are aiming to teach how to select the proper device for yourself, in terms of price and performance. So, you will have the ability to choose the required hardware features for your specific tasks. With this ability, you will not be attached to these several requirements by us, you can also make your researches and market surveys for it. 


Mechanicalland editors always select the best products for their users and visitors. You can check and acquire one of these tablets with different operating systems and different prices according to your budget and needs. 

Please do not refrain from asking questions or sharing your recommendations in the comments below. If you have an objection to the information that we served above, please inform us and the visitors in the comments below! Your precious feedbacks are very important for us!

FAQs About Tablets For CAD

  • Does computers better than tablets in terms of CAD?

It is a very open-ended question. This changes according to the user’s preferences and needs. Use of a pen with a touch screen while you are dealing with CAD designs, it is very comfortable and useful than the computers. Yet some users can find the use of computers while dealing with CAD is more comfortable. On average, you can have a better computational performance from computers and laptops. But again, some CAD software has very good optimizations for tablet versions of them which provides very good computational performances in tablets. 

  • Does a high price mean better performance and experience?

No, it is not. The most important parameter is what you need exactly. What you are expecting from a tablet or device? At which level that you will use the CAD software. According to these parameters, the hardware features of tablets change. So, acquiring the best price/performance product means better performance and experience. A good engineer or designer must adopt this approach in every aspect of life. 


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