Blockchain in Engineering

Blockchain Technology in Engineering

Blockchain, which has a chain structure consisting of blocks, is a distributed database system that provides encrypted transaction tracking. In money transfers, each step creates a block. For example, each of the information such as the sender’s name and the amount sent is a block. These blocks created during the transfer process are encrypted, never changed, and made unbreakable. These blocks are distributed to everyone on the entire network, and everyone has the same encrypted information. Blockchain’s principle of decentralization is based on this technology. The information on the block can only be processed by the buyer and seller specified on them. In addition, Blockchain technology is transparent, anyone who wants can review and review the accumulated blocks so far. 

Blockchain technology provides individual users with unprecedented control over digital identity. Therefore, blockchain, which is a global open ledger, is used not only in the production of cryptocurrencies but also in many different areas such as storage, management, and storage. The opportunity it provides for digital identity makes it the key to the economy of trust. In this respect, blockchain is not only limited to the financial sector but the opportunity offered by digital technology is also turned into an opportunity by businesses. In this respect, it is claimed that blockchain technology is at the center of industry 4.0.

Blockchain Engineering

Blockchain technology has also contributed to business life besides industry 4.0. New professions such as Blockchain project manager, blockchain developer, and blockchain engineer have emerged. The job description of blockchain engineers is to create and implement digital solutions for companies using blockchain technology. Competencies required for blockchain engineering can be listed as knowing programming languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, experience working with codebases, and a basic understanding of Cryptography. So actually this new profession resembles engineering, especially software engineering, but blockchain engineering works in a more specific field. Therefore, it is expected that there will be blockchain engineering departments in universities in the future. Blockchain-focused courses have already begun to be taught in some universities, but it is clear that this field will rapidly expand into education and business life.

Why is Blockchain That Popular?

Blockchain is so popular because it is reliable. Keeping records of data and transactions is a very important part of business in this world. Often, this information is processed internally; it can be transmitted through third parties such as bankers or lawyers. Fortunately, blockchain avoids this lengthy process and facilitates faster movement of the transaction, saving both time and money.


Considering the potential of blockchain technology, there will be high demand for blockchain engineers and developers. Career growth as a blockchain will grow even more in the future. Also, since it is a new technology, a lot of experts will be needed in this field. Because blockchain is a versatile technology, blockchain engineers will not have to be limited to a single industry. Blockchain engineers will be able to work in industries brought by industry 4.0 such as automation, banking, and financial services, health 


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