Body Temperature in ANSYS That Changes with Time

Body temperature is a very important boundary condition in finite element analysis(FEA). Defining body temperature correct way according to the engineering or physical problem is very important to obtain correct results. Also, in this article of Mechanicalland, we will show you how to define body temperatures in ANSYS Mechanical that change with time. So, you can define a body temperature value as a body that changes with time which means it has different temperature values in changing time.

How to Define Body Temperature That Changes with Time in ANSYS Mechanical?

To define body temperature value to a body that changes with time in ANSYS® Mechanical, right-click on the analysis system as shown by the green arrow above(Static Structural in this example) then hover over your mouse Insert tab as shown in the red box above. And then, click on Thermal Condition from the menu that opened as shown by the red arrow.

After that, select the geometry that you will define your thermal condition that changes with time as shown by the green arrow above. You can choose only bodies in this time-dependent boundary condition. After selecting the body, click on the Apply button in the Geometry section of Thermal Condition in ANSYS® Mechanical, as shown by the red arrow above.

To define the temperature value that changes with time in ANSYS® Mechanical, click on the little pop-up menu opener as shown by the red arrow above then click on the Tabular method from this pop-up menu.

Also, you can add time values to your tabular data as shown by the red arrow. For example, enter a time value then press Enter from the keyboard. So, you can enter the temperature value next to this value in Tabular Data as in the red box.

As you can see above the graph, the temperature value that changes with time is assigned. This situation for the body in the analysis will be considered in the solution process.


Above all, this is very easy to define temperature values that change with time to bodies in ANSYS® Mechanical.

So, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about assigning body temperature that changes with time in ANSYS®.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educative and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

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  1. Phanindra Reddy Avatar
    Phanindra Reddy

    What does steps mean in that tabular form.
    For example N/A in the steps coloumn for Row3.
    Does it had any significance ?
    In the graph of Temp vs Time . The X axies is only varying from 0 to 1. But you had defined temperetaures in the tabular form untill
    times ‘3’ in the row3. In this case actually the X axies time values shoud also show range untill 3 instead of 1 as per tabular definition but it is not the case in your graph. Kindly expalin the reason for this ?

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