Book Recommendation To Learn Simulation with ANSYS Workbench and FEM

In today’s engineering practices, finite element methods are very important to find the solutions to very complex engineering problems. Especially in mechanical engineering, it is a very big advantage to be able to make finite element modelings of engineering structures while you are designing various engineering aspects.

What Is Finite Element Methods?

Finite element methods are a numerical approach to solve different mathematical problems. But finite element methods are not an easy business. It includes very hard mathematics and calculus. But there are various kinds of software packages to solve these finite element methods problems. One of these software packages is ANSYS™. 

Why You Should Learn ANSYS™?

ANSYS™ is one of the most used FEM software packages in the world, by engineers. It will be a very big advantage to be able to use various ANSYS™ tools to solve engineering problems in illustrative ways, based on finite element methods. 

Recommended Book By Mechanicalland; Finite Element Modeling and Simulation with ANSYS™ Workbench

Finite Element Modeling and Simulation with ANSYS Workbench, Second Edition

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This book is published by CRC Press which is a very important engineering books publisher in the world. Because of that, this book is a potential book that is used as a textbook in many institutions around the world. Learning the principles of finite element methods and ANSYS™ from this book can be a very good advantage. 

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You Can Be A Beginner To FEM And ANSYS™!

If you do not have a background in FEM and ANSYS™, this book will be the bedside book while you are learning FEM and ANSYS™ principles. It includes the most basic and most advanced information about finite element methods and ANSYS™. 

In your professional engineering career, this book will be a very important reference while you working on your different projects. 

Both FEM Theory And ANSYS™ Software Skills!

Yes, you can find lots of kinds of video tutorials about ANSYS™ or finite element methods from the internet or YouTube. But the scope of these internet tutorials will not include both theory and software skills. In general, these tutorials will give you limited information or introductory information. For the advanced side, you will probably pay. 

This book covers both finite element methods theory and ANSYS™ software skills in which the theory is applied. And you can find tons of finite element methods practices from this book, both theory and ANSYS™ practices. 

ANSYS™ Workbench And ANSYS™ SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

In this book, all the practices and engineering FEM modeling exercises are made by integration of ANSYS™ Workbench and ANSYS™ SpaceClaim Direct Modeler. This gives you the full ability to use ANSYS™ modeling tools. All the examples are introduced with colorful and detailed screenshots. 

Trusses, Beams, Frames, Plane Stress And Strain Problems, Plates And Shells…

This book covers various kinds of physical and engineering topics such as;

  • Strength: Trusses, beams, frames…
  • Engineering theory: Frames, plane stresses, and strain problems…
  • Plates and shells…
  • 3D design of engineering structures…
  • Analysis of assembly structures…
  • Analysis of thermal and fluid problems…

As you understand from these topics, this book will be a very important reference for engineers, especially for mechanical engineers. And also, most of the physical and engineering problems depend upon these theoretical topics. 

If you learn how to build a finite element method model of these engineering problems in ANSYS™ Workbench based upon the theory of finite element methods, it will be very advantageous for your CV and career. 


IMPORTANT: To use this book effectively, you need to have ANSYS™ software installed on your computer. If you are an academic or student, you can go ANSYS™’s free trial software. 

Mechanicalland editors strongly recommend the FEM and Simulation with ANSYS™ Workbench book for mechanical engineers to learn all the aspects of finite element methods in ANSYS™.

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