Books To Learn Pneumatics For Engineers And Technicians!

Unlike hydraulics, compressible fluids are used in power generation and transmission in pneumatics. There are lots of kinds of applications related to pneumatics which are mainly used in various engineering areas. One may think that pneumatics is related to mechanical engineering, but the case is not like that! 

Why Pneumatics Is Important For All Engineering Areas?

There are various kinds of pneumatic systems that are used in various professional and casual areas. Because of this universality of pneumatic systems, people from different professional areas can deal with pneumatic systems. For example, you can be an electrical technician or an electrical engineer, and find yourself dealing with pneumatic systems. 

For instance, pneumatic systems are used in specific manufacturing processes such as conveyor systems in manufacturing sites. Robotic systems that accomplish specific tasks in manufacturing or assembly sections. 

As you understand that pneumatics is a multidisciplinary system that must be understood by all the people dealing with these systems. Electrical or electronic technicians and engineers must be able to solve pneumatic-related problems. Manufacturing engineers must understand the pneumatic systems if they are working in areas that include pneumatic systems. 

By considering all these facts, you need to acquire a very good guide to understand pneumatics. Mechanicalland’s editors made a detailed market survey to find out the best books and textbooks to learn and get to know the pneumatics. 

The Best And Most Used Books About Pneumatics

Mechanicalland always makes detailed researches to find out the best price/performance products for its users and visitors. Here, check the books that we found for you to learn pneumatics! 

Andrew Parr – Hydraulics And Pneumatics: A Technician’s And Engineer’s Guide

Parr’s pneumatics book includes all the subjects for all the people that willing to enhance their knowledge and for the people who want to learn pneumatics with zero knowledge. Also, hydraulics is included in the book. 

The textbook can be used as an introductory book for students and new starters. Mathematical expressions related to pneumatics are included. So, no mathematical background is required to learn pneumatics from this book. 

Lots of kinds of supportive website links, tables are included in the book. This book can be also used by professionals to enhance their knowledge in pneumatics.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics: A Technician’s and Engineer’s Guide

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Joji P. – Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic Controls book covers the explanations of pneumatic control systems, electro-pneumatic systems, and pneumatic circuits at the industry level. All types of learners such as engineers, students, and technicians can use this book as a guidebook in pneumatics. 

Pneumatic Controls book is published by Wiley Publications which is a very important engineering books and textbooks publisher in the US and the world. This fact also makes the Pneumatic Controls book is very valuable around the other alternatives. 

Pneumatic Controls

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Joji Parambath – Pneumatic Systems And Circuits – Basic Level: In The SI Units

This is another textbook that is written by Joji Parambath independently in SI units. Basic level of pneumatic topics is covered such as compressed air generation, contamination control, actuators, control valves, and pneumatic circuits; maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety aspects of these systems. 

This book is for the people to enhance their knowledge in pneumatics which will be a very good asset in their career. Students can acquire one of these books to enhance their knowledge in fluids in the pneumatics area. 

The US units version of this book is also available on Amazon. 

Pneumatic Systems and Circuits – Basic Level: In the SI Units (Pneumatic Book Series (in the SI Units))

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Jay F. Hooper – Basic Pneumatics: An Introduction To Industrial Compressed Air Systems And Components

Hooper’s book is for all people dealing with pneumatics in factories or manufacturing sites. This book covers the topics of building blocks of pneumatics, the technical terminology of pneumatics components, speed, force, pressure, and flow problems of basic pneumatic circuits, and troubleshooting of the problems encountered with pneumatics systems. 

The most important feature of this book, topics are not explained in a mathematical calculation way. This feature makes this book usable by all the workers, operators, and technicians dealing with pneumatics. 

Basic Pneumatics: An Introduction to Industrial Compressed Air Systems and Components, Revised Printing

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Paperback, Kindle, Hardcover, eTextbook, and Used Versions Are Available In Amazon!

All the books that are sold on Amazon have different kinds of versions, paperback, kindle, hardcover, eTextbook, and used, according to your needs and budget. 

Paperback and hardcover versions of the books are the physical versions of books that will be shipped to your address if you order them. 

Kindle and eTextbook versions are the digital versions of the books that you can instantly reach content if you order. You can open them with your smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. 

There is also a seller in Amazon who sells used versions of the books. You can see these sellers if you click on the links above for books. 


Mechanicalland strongly recommends these books for engineers, technicians, operators, and students who are willing to enhance their knowledge in the pneumatics area. 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the books and textbooks about pneumatics that are mentioned above! If you have additional book recommendations about pneumatics, please leave yours! 

Your precious feedbacks are very important for us! 


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    Could pneumatics be actuating a valve as in a solenoid which causes a mechanical actuation making that aspect mechanical engineering. Kind of like the force of air required to rotate or push a device? I just always thought too that mechanical engineering and pneumatics were of the same profession in this sense. Thanks for this amazing website. Trying to get my son into how awesome math is and this website is perfect.

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