Brief Explanation Of The Powder Rolling

Brief Explanation Of The Powder Rolling

Powder metallurgy is a very important area in the metal part production industry. Different kinds of processes are developed in the powder metallurgy realm for different types of parts. 

One of these powder metallurgy techniques is the powder rolling process. Here we explain the powder rolling processes briefly and the product types of the powder rolling processes.

What Is The Powder Rolling Process?

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In the powder rolling processes, metal powders are brought to the metal rolls. These metal rolls are giving the required thickness and a shape to the metal powder. With this compacting of the metal powder with the rolls, strict metal strips are obtained. 

These metal strips are sent to sintering furnaces. These sintering operations are applied to the newly produced metal strips to obtain a more rigid structure. Because the sintering operation creates inter-particular bonding between the metal parts that are compacted. But it is not to be confused with the melting of the metal particles. Sintering temperatures are around 0.7-0.9 times the melting temperature of the used metal. 


Powder rolling processes can be explained and summarized like above. 

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