Calculation Of Euclidean Norm Of Vectors In MatLab®(Illustrated Expression)

In some vector mechanics calculations or various kinds of mathematical calculations, the norms of vectors could be required. In Matlab®, you can calculate and index the Euclidean norms of vectors. In this article, we will show you how to index the Euclidean norms of vectors with the ‘norm()’ command in Matlab® with a very basic example below.

How To Use The ‘norm()’ Command In Matlab®?

>> a = [4 1 5]
b = norm(a)
c = 3*b

a =

     4     1     5

b =


c =



For example, we created a vector that has three elements called ‘a’ as shown above in Matlab®. We calculated the Euclidean norm of this vector with the norm() command by simply type the variable ‘a’ inside the norm(). The calculation is done with this calculation; the root of 4^2+1^2+5^2. This is the general rule of Euclidean norm.

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Also, you can do mathematical calculations with the norm() function as shown above in Matlab®.


The use of the norm() command to calculate Euclidean norms of vectors in Matlab® is very simple like above. Leave your comments and questions below about the ‘norm()’ command in Matlab®!

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