Calculation Of The Shaft Power

Shafts are very important mechanical elements in engineering. And they are generally used for the transmission of power. Power is ow produced with electric motors or internal combustion engines. And shafts are attached to these motors. And the other end of these shafts is attached to the other portions of the machinery which will do the expected work. 

So, designing the shafts is a very important engineering problem. 

Here, we explain how to calculate the power transmitted by a shaft. 

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design (What’s New in Trades & Technology)

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How To Calculate The Shaft Power?

Mechanical shaft application(Image

Here, we will show you how to calculate the power transmitted by a shaft, in terms of horsepower and Watt.

First of all, you need to know the Torque value transmitted by the shaft. Torque can be calculated easily for a shaft, undergoing certain situations. 

Then you need to calculate the angle turned per minute, in terms of the radians. 

Here we created calculators that you can easily calculate the shaft power both ib horsepower and Watt. 

Power Calculator of Rotating Shafts

As you see above, there is a very simple list that you can select the power calculation both according to the ‘horsepower’ and ‘Watts’. Select one of them and enter the required values inside the brackets. 

Then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see the result. If you want to do another kind of calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button then re-enter the values. 

Please enter the values correctly with the given units. If your units are not coincident with the given units, you can use the MB-Unit Converter tool. 


As you see above, the calculation of the shaft power is very simple.

Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

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