Calculator Of Span Length Of V-Belts

Calculator Of Span Length Of V-Belts

Calculator Of Span Length Of V-Belts

What Is Span Length In V-Belts?

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The span length is defined by the placements of shafts in machinery systems. But in V-belt design, you need to calculate this value to obtain the required span length of used v-belts in machinery. This is the formula of the span length in V-belts;

As you see that, you need to have the information about diameters of used sheaves in v-belt design. ‘D2’ is the diameter of the bigger sheave of belt mechanism and ‘D1’ is the smaller sheave. ‘C’ is another parameter called ‘center distance’ that you can calculate by using a calculator available in Mechanicalland.

How To Use Calculator Of Span Length Of V-Belts?

The use of a span length calculator of v-belts is simple. You just need to enter the required values inside the boxes above which are ‘C’, ‘D1’, and ‘D2’ here. Then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to obtain the span length value ‘S’.

To make another calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button, then re-enter the values.

You need to take care of your units. Use proper unit sets to obtain proper results for it. The units of ‘D1’ and ‘D2’ are lengths. So, the obtained result’s unit is also length.

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Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations that are made by users by using these calculators. A good engineer must check the calculations done by hand again.

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