Cam Gear in Car Engines – Explanation and Advantages

There are various kinds of advantages of cam gear in car engines. They may seem very basic parts. But their duty is very important for the different kinds of cars. Here you can find information about these parts and their advantages of them. You can also find information about the replacement prices of them.

What is Cam Gear?

cam gear.

It is the gear system that resides in your can engine camshaft ends. They are responsible to take the rotary motion from the crankshaft that connects to the piston. The ignition timing of the engine depends on the timing of the cam gears.

Camshafts are shafts that have lobes on them. And these lobes are touching the rods that are connecting to the intake and exhaust valves on the engine pistons. Once the pistons rotate with the ignition of the fuel inside the engine, the engine pistons start to make reciprocating motions.

The connecting rods are transmitting the rotary motion to the crankshaft and the crankshaft starts to rotate. At the external side of the crankcase, there is a gear that there is a chain or belt system connected between the camshaft and crankshaft. So, with the rotation of the crankshaft, the camshaft also rotates. With the rotation o the camshaft, the opening and closing durations of the valves are adjusted.

So, the gear that resides at the end of the camshaft that receives the rotational motion from the crankshaft is the cam gear mechanism.

The design of these systems is very important to obtain the required working sequences for the cam system. Soı the radius and the number of teeth of them are very important.

Alternatives to Cam Gear; Sprockets and Belt Pulleys

Instead of cam gears, the use of sprockets and belt pulleys is very common in passenger cars. If there is a timing belt connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft, there is a belt pulley at the end of the camshaft.

And also, if there is a timing chain system in a car, there are sprocket systems in a car. They are the sprockets at the end of the camshafts.

Advantages of Cam Gear

cam gear system.

There are different kinds of advantages that most of the car brands use them in their stock cars. And also car tuners are replacing the sprocket systems with these systems to obtain much more ehigher precision.

  • You can increase the performance of your car with the timing adjustments of the valve opening and closing durations. With cam gear systems, making this is much easier.
  •  They are much more durable if we compare them with the sprocket and belt ğpulley systems in general. People and tuners are generally using cam gears to withstand higher RPM values than sports cars have.
  •  Replacement of the cam gears is much easier than the other systems.
  •  Cam gear systems are adjustable. So you can easily make different kinds of tuning by yourself to get the best horsepower to form your car. And also, if your car is in high mileage, you can easily tune the car’s working situation to get the highest performance with the adjustable cam gears in general.

Some of the Disadvantages

There are also various disadvantages to replacing the OEM sprockets and pulleys with them.

  • Voiding the OEM parts and replacing them with third-party parts can harm the performance of your car. You need to be sure about if you will gain a considerate amount of horsepower and performance.
  •  You need to pay money to replace the whole system with the cam gear system.

Do Cam Gear Increase the Horsepower?

According to the car tuners, the implementation of them increases the horsepower of the engine. Because tuning the valve opening and closing times is much easier with these systems.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Them?

It depends on the car model that you have. The labor cost can be high. And if you completely change the system that you have, you can nearly pay between $1000-1500 which includes the parts prices.

Also, you can find different kinds of systems on the internet that cost between $100-150 according to the car brand and model that you have.


These are the general points that you can consider about the cam gear systems in your car. If you are thinking about changing the cam gear system to a new one, you can consider the different kinds of things about them.

If you have further questions about the cam gear applications, you can leave your comments and questions below.


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