Cellular Layout Production In Manufacturing Facilities

We explained the batch production method in middle-sized manufacturing sites. In these batch production sites, the the difference between the produced products is very high. As you know also the medium-sized manufacturing sites are also has production capacity 100-10000 product in a year. There is an another production method for medium-sized prodution capacity called. Cellular Production or Cellular Layout. In this article, we will explain the Cellular Layout production manner and what are the advantages and disadvantages of them.

What Is The Cellular Layout Production In Manufacturing Facilities?

Cellular layout illustration in manufacturing sites.

If there is a great difference between the produced parts like in batch production method, it is very easy proper the build the manufacturing site as cellular layout. Because, there is no change of manufacturing equipments in time intervals as in batch production again.

The cell logic; each cell in manufacturing site consists nearly same manufacturing equipments. But there is a small difference in the produced products in each cell. So slight different products can be produces from one manufacturing site without any lost time. But the biggest disadvantage for cellular production is the low differences in product types.

The general working principle of the cellular layout is like that.

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