Center Distance And Pitch Length Calculator For V-Belts

Center Distance(C) And Pitch Length(L) Calculator

What Are The Center Distance And Pitch Length Values Of V-Belts?

V-belts are frequently used machinery parts to transmit power and torque between shafts that are placed in different locations. In the design process of V-Belts, you need to make very detailed calculations to obtain most suitable belt system for a machinery. Center distance and pitch length values are needed to be calculated for further design calculations of V-Belts.

At above illustration of general V-belts, you can see the center distance(C) and pitch length(L) values above. The formulae of these valuesa are;

This is the center distance formula that you can calculate by using, D1 and D2 pitch diameters that are illustrated above. In here B is calculated as;

To calculate pitch length, you need to have the center distance(C) and ‘B’ values to calculate the pitch length(L);

As you can see, all the value are calculated via these formulae. You can use out calculator to calculate these values easily.

How To Use Center Distance(C) And Pitch Length(L) Calculator?

The use of this calculator is very simple actually. What you need to do is, just enter the required values ‘B’, ‘D1’ and ‘D2’, and click on ‘Calculate!’ button to see the results of ‘Center Distance(C)’ and ‘Pitch Length(L)’ values.

If you want to calculate an another center distance and pitch length values, just click on ‘Reset’ button, then re-enter the new values.

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Mechanicalland does not accept any responsiblity of calculations that are done with calculators. A good engineer should check the calculation by hand. For this reason, we gave the formulae that used in this calculator.

Take care about your units. The unit of the results ‘C’ and ‘L’ is the length. So, you need to use proper set of units for inputs to get correct results. You can use MB-Unit Converter tool to obtain correct set of units.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about center distance and pitch length calculator for V-belts below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

Reference Of Illustration: Machine Elements In Mechanical Design.

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