Center Of Gravity Calculator

Center of gravity calculations is very important in most classical mechanics and engineering calculations. Mechanicalland provides you with a very easy to use the center of gravity calculator that you can use in various fields. 

You just need to follow the instructions to calculate your center of gravity. 

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What Is The Center Of Gravity Calculator?

In engineering, we can deal with both 2D and 3D calculations. 2D calculations require only 2 coordinates to obtain the center of gravities of masses or mass systems. But 3D calculations require 3 coordinates as X, Y, and Z. 

Calculation of the center of gravity of mass systems is not a hard business with hand. But for a very high number of masses, it can be troublesome and time-consuming. So, you can use this center of gravity calculator to calculate the complex center of gravity problems. 

How To Use The Center Of Gravity Calculator?

First, you need to select 2D or 3D options. If you are dealing with 2D plane masses, you need to select 2D. And if you are dealing with 3D space masses, select 3D. 

  • If You Select 2D; Enter the number of masses that your system has. You can also divide a complex-shaped system into more basic multiple masses to calculate the center of mass of that system. You need to enter, how many masses that you have in your system. 

Then you need to enter the mass, X, and Y coordinates of the center of gravities of these sub-masses respectively. If you click on the 'Calculate!' button, the center of gravity will be calculated. 

The Center of gravity will be given as in X and Y coordinates. 

  • If You Select 3D; Actually, the difference of the 3D center of gravity calculation is the additional Z coordinate. You need to make the same steps with 2D with an additional Z coordinate. 

The Center of gravity will be given as in X, Y, and Z coordinates. 


A very basic model of the center of gravity calculation method.

There is no limit to entering sub-mass numbers. If you have a complex system to calculate the center of gravity, you can divide this system into more basic and geometrical masses to calculate the center of gravity of the whole system. 

Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

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