Ceramic Matrix Composites And Their Superior Properties

In composite technology, ceramic matrix composites are one of the most recent and developing techniques today. In here, we will explain the general properties of ceramic matrix composites briefly.

Ceramic matrix composite fiber structures.

What Are The Properties Of Ceramic Matrix Composites?

Using ceramic materials as matrix in composite materials is very tough business. Various kinds of materials are used as reinforcement phase which are generally fiber-reinforcement. The general materials are used as matrix materials, titanium carbide, boron carbide, silicon nitride, boron nitride and alumina.

Production of ceramic matrix composites is very hard, but production of metal matrix composites with short fibers is possible. Short fibers are treated as powders to apply them to these ceramics. Long fibers are much more better in terms of mechanical properties, but production of them is not easy and very costly.

Why Ceramics For Matrix Composites?

CMC aerospace application.

Ceramics have very straightforward advantages in engineering such as high stiffness, hardness and hot hardness, low density and compressive strength. But ceramics has also drawbacks which are limiting the use of ceramics in engineering; thermal cracking, low toughness and bulk tensile strength.

With the applications of ceramic matrix composite materials, the advantageous properties of ceramics are sustained. Drabacks of ceramic materials are tried to eliminated with the application of reinforcing phase.

The most important application of ceramic matrix composites is the cutting tool production which they are competitive to cemented carbide cutting tools in machining.

This is the most basic summary of explanation of ceramic matrix composites. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ceramic matrix composites below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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