Relevance Value in ANSYS Mechanical; Explanation and Changing

Relevance value in ANSYS is a very important value to obtain finer meshes. You can adjust according to your physical or engineering system. Also, your computational system will be a restrictive factor in mesh quality and fineness. In other words, in this article, we will show you how to change the relevance value of mesh structure in ANSYS® Mechanical.

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How To Change Mesh Relevance Value In ANSYS Mechanical?(Illustrated Expression)

First of all, click on the ‘Mesh’ tab as shown in the red box above then change the ANSYS relevance value mesh structure as shown by the red arrow. And then you can change it with the scroll bar or you can enter a value between -100 and 100.

After adjusting the relevance center of the mesh structure, right-click on the ‘Mesh’ tab then click on the ‘Update’ button from the appeared menu as shown by the red arrow above to change the relevance value in ANSYS.

Similarly, we adjusted the mesh relevance value in ANSYS to -91, and you can see the mesh structure that you can obtain in a very coarse way.

Finally, we adjusted the ANSYS relevance value in Mechanical to 76 and the obtained mesh structure is much finer if we compare with the previous one.

Above all, ANSYS® provides various kinds of adjustments and options in the Mechanical interface to make the analyses more effective. You can check the other topics about the ANSYS® Mechanical below. So, These options are also very important as ANSYS relevance value option.

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So, it is very easy to adjust the Relevance value in ANSYS® Mechanical.

In conclusion, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about changing the relevance in ANSYS Mechanical mesh structures.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educative and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


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