Cheap Hatchet With Lightweight Fiberglass Handle!

Cheap Hatchet With Lightweight Fiberglass Handle!

Felling axes or hatchets are commonly existed in warehouses, detached houses, woodwork places, garages, or workshops. Also, a mechanic person can use hatchets in different tasks. 

Mechanicalland editors made an extensive survey in the market to find out the best price/performance hatchet for its visitors! Let’s take a look at this hatchet’s features! 

INTERTOOL 24-inch Mid-Size Hatchet Or Chopping Axe!

​​INTERTOOL 24-inch Mid-Size Felling Axe, Chopping Axe, 2.2 lb / 1000 g, Shock Absorbing Fiberglass Handle with Sheath HT-0263

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Your garage or workshop should have one of these hatchets for different tasks that you may not expect! 

Medium-Sized Hatchet!

To be honest, the size of this hatchet is not actually like other hatchets. The size of this product is between long axes and hatchets. So, it makes this product useful in both applications that axes or hatchets required. Also, the storage of this hatchet is very convenient compared with big axes. 

Heat Treated Carbon Steel Blade!

The material of the blade is very important for heavy applications and long-lasting use. The blade of this hatchet is made from sharpened carbon steel which is very durable for the applications such as cutting woods and other stuff. 

Fiberglass Handle With Shock Absorbing Nature!

In general, the handles of hatches or axes are made from wood. Wood can be lightweight but has not to shock absorbing nature. Fiberglass material is a high-tech material that is very sturdy, lightweight, and shock-absorbing. It will be very cool to have one of these hatchets in your workshops or garages. 

The gripping side of the handle is coated with a rubber-based coating to make the holding of the hatchet easy. 

Optimal Balance While Holding The Hatchet!

The balance of the hatchet is designed optimally when you are holding the hatchet from the place of holding the hatchet. With this design, the successive swings will be very easy and comfortable. 

Other Sizes Of Hatchets And Mauls Are Available For Same Brand!

This superior and price/performance product is produced and sold by INTERTOOLS. INTERTOOLS is a well-known brand that produces different high-quality hatchets, axes, and mauls worldwide.

You can reach the other sizes and models of price-performance hatchets and mauls of this brand! 


Mechanicalland strongly recommends this hatchet for your different applications in garages, woodworks, workshops, and home! 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about this hatchet! 

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