Circular Sketch Patterning In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

As we said in Linear Sketch Pattern article, Solidworks has patterning commands for sketchings also. The second sketch patterning object is called as ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’. In this article we will explain the ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks skecthing with a very basic example below.

How The ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ Command In Used In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks sketching.

To use ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command, you need be inside an active sketch as above in Solidworks. For example we want to pattern the shown little circle with the orange arrow above circularly. To do this, click on little pop-up menu as shown by green arrow above then click on ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command in the green box.

Specify the required parameters in ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks.

After entering into the ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command, select the instances that you want to pattern cicularly as shown by blue arrow above.

You can select an other point except from coordinate system center point as shown by red arrow above. Coordinate point is default as shown by green arrow but you can select an external point that is created before. Also you can specify the center of revolving by entering directly the coordinates as shown in red box above.

The angle that will be sweeped can be entered from green box, in which this angle will be spanned with instances.

You can specity the radius of circular pattern and the spacing angle between instances from blue box region inb ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command. Also you can enter the number of instances. Values will be updated according to the entered values inside these places.

Also you can delete the unwanted instances from your circular pattern from the orange box region. You need to click on the orange box then select the unwanted instances as shown by orange arrows above.

If you done with the adjustment of ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command, click on little green yes button at left-up side in Solidworks.

The general use of ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command can be expressed like above. Leave your comments and questions below ‘Circular Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks sketching!


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