Cocentric Mate In Solidworks Assembly

In Solidworks assemblies, you can obtain your mechanism by adding your parts after opening an assembly inside Solidworks. You can create mate relationships between your parts to create a mechanism. One of these mates is cocentric mate between round parts. In here, we explain how to attach cocentric relationship between parts in Solidworks assembly, with a very basic example.

How To Assign Cocentric Relationship Between Parts In Solidworks Assembly?

Click on ‘Mate’ in Solidworks assembly.

Here we have two round parts that needed to be assemblied in Solidworks. Small round rod must be assemblied into hollow part. To do it, we need to use concentric relation to align them in proper position.

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To do it, click on ‘Mate’ in Solidworks as shown by blue arrow above.

Select the faces that needed to be cocentric.

After entering into the ‘Mate’ command, select the faces that are needed to be aligned as cocentric position as shown by red and green arrows. As you see above, ‘Concentric’ relationship is automatically selected as shown in red box.

With cocentric relation, the parts can only move in the direction of their radial axes. So they can not move in other directions. Also they can only rotate around their radial axes but they can not rotate around other axes.

If you tick the ‘Lock rotation’ option, rotation of parts between themselves will not allowed.

Click on little green yes button ar left-top to complete the cocentric relation between parts.

Cocentric relation is created in Solidworks.

As you see above, a concentric relation is obtained between parts in Solidworks.

Assigning cocentric relationship between Solidworks assembly parts is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about cocentric assembly relation in Solidworks below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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