Combining Two Or More Column Vectors In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)

Column vectors are generally used in Linear Algeabra systems or Vector Mechanics systems. You can do various kinds of calculations with column vectors in Matlab. One of these calculation is combinatin of two or more column vectors into one column vector. In this article of Mechanicalland we will show you how to combine two or more column vector into one vector in Matlab.

How To Combine Column Vectors Into One Column Vector In Matlab?

Combination of two or more column vectors into one vector in Matlab.

We created two of column vectors called ‘a’ and ‘b’ as shown by red arrows above. And we combined them into one column vector called ‘c’ as shown in red box in Matlab. So you need to do to combine column vectors by typing another vector as ‘c’, and writing them into ‘c’ as column vector elements like in red box above. You can see the result that shown by green arrow above, the column of combined column vector is obtained.

So it is very easy to combine column vectors into one row vector in Matlab.

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