Combining Two Or More Row Vectors In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)

In this content of Mechanicalland, we will show you how to combine two of row vectors into a one vector that assigned to a variable in Matlab. It is very basic process to do it in Matlab. You can have a situation that collecting datas from two or more separate vectors, and you need to do a calculations that you need to combine these datas into one vector elements. You can do this is Matlab coding easily like below.

How To Combine Two Row Vectors In Matlab Into One Vector?

Combination of two or more row vectors in Matlab.

Think about a situation that you collected datas in vector ‘a’ and vector ‘b’ seperately. And you need to combine these datas into one data. What you need to do is, type an another vector like ‘c’ as shown by green box above and type  ‘a’ and ‘b’ into the ‘c’ as vector elements. As you can see from the result, the ‘a’ and ‘b’ vectors are combined in respective manner in ‘c’ as shown by red arrow above in Matlab.

So it is very basic to combine row vectors into a one vector in Matlab.

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