Comparison of Use of the Wind Energy in the World

Comparison of Use of the Wind Energy in the World

Wind energy differs between countries depending on the terrain, climate, and conditions of decency. In the world of wind energy, there are more than 100 countries engaged in the production of electricity. When the countries with the highest installed wind energy capacity are ranked, China, the United States of America, and Germany have been in the top 3 for a long time. Turkey ranks 7th in Europe and 13th in the world in terms of installed capacity. In detail from the table wind energy, we can study its production.

S.CountryUpdateInstalled Power (MW)
1ChinaDecember 2020281,993
2United StatesDecember 2020117,744
3GermanyDecember 202062.184
4IndiaDecember 202038.559
5SpainDecember 202027.089
6United KingdomDecember 202024.665
7FranceDecember 202017.382
8BrazilDecember 202017.198
9CanadaDecember 202013.577
10ItalyDecember 202010.839
11SwedenDecember 20209.688
12TurkeyMay 20219.559
13AustralianDecember 20209.457
14MexicoDecember 20208.128
15NetherlandsDecember 20206.600
16PolandDecember 20206.267
17DenmarkDecember 20206.235
18PortugalDecember 20205.239
19JapanDecember 20204.206
20RomaniaDecember 20163.028
21BelgiumDecember 20172.843
22IrelandDecember 20162.830
23AustriaDecember 20172.828
24South AfricaDecember 20202.636
25GreeceDecember 20162.374
26ChileDecember 20202.149
27FinlandDecember 20161.539
28UruguayDecember 20161.210
29NorwayDecember 20171.162
30South KoreaDecember 20161.031
31EgyptDecember 2016810
32CroatiaDecember 2020788
33MoroccoDecember 2016787
34BulgariaDecember 2020703
35TaiwanDecember 2016682
36New ZealandDecember 2016623
37PakistanDecember 2016591
38UkraineDecember 2016526
39LithuaniaDecember 2016493
40Costa RicaDecember 2020394
41EthiopiaDecember 2016324
42HungaryDecember 2020323
43EstoniaDecember 20163
44CzechiaDecember 2016281
45ArgentinaDecember 2016279
46PanamaDecember 2016270
47TunisiaDecember 2016245
48PeruDecember 2016241
49ThailandDecember 2016223
50PhilippinesDecember 2016216
51HondurasDecember 2016176
52LuxembourgDecember 2020166
53Caribbean RegionDecember 2016164
54CyprusDecember 2016158
55Dominican RepublicDecember 2016135
56JordanDecember 2016119
57SwitzerlandDecember 201675
58LatviaDecember 201663
59MacedoniaDecember 201637
60Faroe IslandsDecember 201618
61SerbiaDecember 201718
62RussiaDecember 201615
63Pacific IslandsDecember 201613
64BelarusDecember 20163
65IcelandDecember 20163
66SlovakiaDecember 20163
67SloveniaDecember 20163
The list that shows the wind energy production of countries in the World.

 Wind energy its distribution is as indicated in the chart above. You can synthesize the sophistication and installation size based on the power chart. Wind the point if we consider the country that has announced its name the most in production, we will talk about China.

How is the Wind Energy Production in China?

China built more new wind farm capacity in 2020 than the total of the whole world in the previous year. They reached an annual record in wind farm installations despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has revealed that developers built almost 100 GW worth of wind farms last year, leading to the largest-ever increase in China’s wind energy field. This rate is enough to power nearly three times the number of houses in England and increases approximately 60% compared to the previous year.

 If we consider the state of energy reserves in the world as a result of wind from its energy, it is understood that taking advantage of it is essential both from nature and the resource reserve. The year of energy reserve depletion is approximately 200 years for coal, 65 years for gas, and 40 years for oil, and the wind is infinite. The fact that energy reserves from existing fossils will be depleted in the future is known, and Turkey is currently importing a large part of it. This situation will make Turkey difficult due to the increasing prices and the problems experienced in its supply. For this reason, we should direct the production of electrical energy towards renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources together with our existing hydraulic sources wind from its power we need to take advantage.

There are forward-looking studies that 12% of the electrical energy that the world will consume will be obtained from the wind even if the current consumption of electrical energy doubles in 2020. Assuming that 12% of global electricity demand will be generated from wind in 2020, 10771 million tons of CO2 will be reduced. This also means that the CO2 gas emitted to the environment will be reduced at a high rate. According to the data for 2004 in Turkey, the installed wind power, which is also 20.6MW and corresponds to only 0.21% of the estimated economic power, will reach 14.28% when the licensed projects are completed, and 3.3% of the total electricity reserve today will be available from the wind.


For the currently installed wind reserve to be increased to the level of European countries that we aim to be a member of, increasing state support, creating the necessary technological infrastructure to connect to the grid at the interconnection, generate business opportunities, and make less cost-effective use of our existing wind potential in the long term wind turbine it is necessary to invest in its technology. The use of existing wind energy is of great importance in terms of its material and natural environmental dimensions.

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