Coordinate Dimensioning in Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are very good tools for communication between engineers and technicals around the world. So, technical drawings are prepared according to the standards. There are strict dimensioning rules in technical drawings to show the scales of parts and assemblies. But there is a method to show the places of technical drawing entities without giving any dimension lines. So, this method is coordinate dimensioning. 

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What is Coordinate Dimensioning in Technical Drawings? 

Coordinate dimensioning in technical drawing.
Coordinate dimensioning example(Image Source: Chegg).

Coordinate dimensioning is a very useful technique in technical drawing in that you are giving the coordinates of the entities as tables. You just add some symbols such as letters on the critical entities and give the distances of X and Y coordinates according to the zero point we select in the technical drawing.

We define the zero (0,0) point generally as the lower-left corner of the part that we show in the technical drawing. 

We use this method generally for computer numerical control machines, and the entities that are shown in this way are generally the same entities such as holes. 


Finally, coordinate dimensioning in technical drawings is very simple like above. You can see that this is a very useful technique that you can easily use in different kinds of applications. Also, you can use it in the coordinate dimensioning of machining parts.

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