Copolymer Structures In Polymer Chemistry

Polymers have very long-chained molecular structures, and these molecular structures can be very complex. These complex structures generally occur because of Carbon based structure. Becuase of this complexity, different types of properties and differenc types of polymers can be synthesized. One these molecular complexities is copolymer structures in polymers. In here, we explain briefly copolymer structures.

What Is Copolymer Structure In Polymers?

Illustration of homopolymers and copolymers.

As you know that, molecules of polymers are the repeating structures of mers. This repeating structures are obtained with de-bonding of carbon structures in monomers, and attaching these released bondings to other mers to obtain polymers. This most known structure of polymers called as ‘homopolymers’. But in copolymer structures, there are two types of mers to bond themselves. With the mixing and bonding of these two types of mers, different types of polymers are obtained. For example, etylene and propylene is used to obtain a copolymer molecular structure that has elastomeric nature. There are types of copolymer structures according to theit physical arrangements;

  • Alternating copolymer structure: Constituent mers that forms copolymer structures align in alternating structure.
  • Random copolymer structure: Constituent mers align in the form of randomly structure.
  • Blocked structure of copolymers: Same group of constituent mers bond with themselves in copolymer structure.
  • Graft structure of copolymers: One type of mers attach as branches to other mer that creates the main chain structure.

Like in alloying the metals in different percentages, different polymers are mixed to obtain copolymer structures. Percentages are very imporant to obtain different properties just like in metal alloys. Also ternary polymers are also avaliable in market that synthesized with three different constituent mers. Plastic ABS(acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene) is an imporant example of ternary polymers.

Summary explanation of copolymer structures in polymers can be made like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about copolymer structures of polymers below. Your precious feedback is very important for us.

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