Corner Trimming In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

Trimming options in Solidworks sketching are very efficient to various situations. One of these trimmin option in Solidworks sketching is ‘Corner Trimming’. It is also very useful tool to trim out excessive lines or entities at the sketch corners. In this article we will show how to use this ‘Corner Trimming’ option in Solidworks sketching.

How To Use ‘Corner Trimming’ In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on ‘Trim Entities’ command in Solidworks sketching.

Consider about a situation that we want to trim out the excessive corner entitiesas shown by green arrows above. To do it, click on ‘Trim Entities’ command as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks sketching.

To open the ‘Trim Entities’ command, you need to inside an active sketch as above.

Click on ‘Corner’ option of trimming in Solidworks sketching.

After entering to the ‘Trim Entities’ command, select the ‘Corner’ option as shown by red box above. And select the required corner edges to trim the excessive entities as shown by green arrows above in Solidworks sketching.

Click on little yes button to complete the corner trimming in Solidworks.

After you finished the corner trimming, click on little yes button as shown by green arrow above to complete the trimming.

Corner trimming in Solidworks sketching is very easy like that.

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