Craftsman Shop Vacuum – Different Models and Comparison

Shop vacuums are very important parts for cleaning different kinds of environments such as homes and cars. And Cractfsman is one of the biggest manufacturers of shop vacuums. Here, we will check the Craftsman shop vacuums that are available in the market. And also you can find the different alternatives that we compared with the Craftsman shıp vacuum. It will be very easy for you to compare these vacuums to purchase the best one for you.

Different Models of Craftsman Shop Vacuums

Craftsman provides different models of shop vacuums that you can purchase in different features and ways. So, it will be very important for you to select the correct one. Let’s check them.




  • General purpose shop vacuum.
  • 9 gallon.
  • 4.25 peak HP
  • Cannister form factor

This is the first and the most common shop vacuum model that Craftsman has. You can consider this model if you want to buy a shop vacuum for yourself. Let’s check the general important points about this item.

  • The total capacity is 9 gallons which provide very long working times without draining the filth bag.
  •  4.25 peak horsepower provides a very good suction force. It will be very efficient to clean all the dust and dirt in your home and your car.
  •  A waterproof body provides the possibility of action in different kinds of environments in general. So, it will be very easy for you to clean the different kinds of environments with moisture.
  •  The oversized drain allows the cleaning of different kinds of wet surfaces without any problem. So, it will be very easy for you to clean different kinds of surfaces without any problem.
  •  You can easily change the filter without using any kind of tool.
  • There is a rear exhaust port that you can use to blow out the dirt in a path to the other side without taking toı the bag. This is a very useful thing that you can use for removing debris from the bag.
    •  It comes with;1-7/8 inches and 7 feets of hose
    •  2 extension wands that will be very useful o reach hard to reach places.
    •  The utility nozzle will be very useful for utility vacuum cleaning.
    •  A car nozzle will be very useful for cleaning the car.
    •  Wet cleaning nozzle.
    •  Quick filter that you can easily clean.
    •  Dust collection bag that you can store the dust and remove and empty easily when it is full.
  • Also, it comes with 3 years of limited manufacturer warranty.
  •  Casters are very durable and you can run them on different surfaces and ground.

Price: You can have all f the accessories and the systems of this Craftsman shop vacuum for around $100 on

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17250 Portable Shop Vacuum

CRAFTSMAN Portable Shop Vacuum

CRAFTSMAN Portable Shop Vacuum

  • 2.5 gallon
  • 1.75 peak hp
  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Best for car cleaning applications

This is the portable version of the Craftsman shop vacuums that are available in the market. If we compare the important features of the first model of the Craftsman;

  • First of all, it is a portable version that is for special vacuum cleaning applications. For example, if you are looking for a portable car vacuum cleaner for you, this will be a very useful tool.
  •  The 2.5 gallon is for portable cleaning applications such as car cleaning. And comparing with the 9-gallon model can be deceptive.
  •  1.75 peak horse power will be sufficient for car vacuum cleaning applications in general.
  •  The total weight of this shop vac is around 6.7 lbs which will be very easy to carry with you to your car.
  • It is very easy to store. Because the portable design allows it to store in very narrow spaces in your car or your garage.
    •  The package includes these items;1-1/4 inches and 5 feet long vacuum cord.
    •  Crevice tool
    •  Utility nozzle for the utility cleaning of different kinds of places.
    •  Easy to change the filter bag so that you do not need to use extra tools for it.

Price: The total price of this Craftsman portable shop vacuum is about $54. So, if you are looking for a shop vacuum that is very portable to use, this will be very useful. And you will save around $50 if you decide to buy this one.

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE18695 Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum

CRAFTSMAN Heavy Duty Shop Vacuum

CRAFTSMAN Heavy Duty Shop Vacuum

  • 16 Gallon
  • 6.5 peak hp.
  • Wet and dry cleaning.
  •  With muffler and diffuser attachments.

This is the shop vacuum that you can use for heavy-duty applications such as construction sites, cleaning heavy-duty workshops, and so on. To clean these kinds of areas, you need much more power and capacity to store all the dirt. Let’s check the important details.

  • The 16 gallons of dirt storage will provide very good cleaning applications without emptying the bag while cleaning the bigger spaces.
  •  6.5 peak horsepower provides very good suction force to clean the even bigger parts and dirt in heavy-duty cleaning applications. So, it will be very easy to clean the construction dirt.
  •  Cartridge filter provides a much easier cleanişng and high-quality filtering application. So, it will be very easy to detach and clean the filter.
  •  Also, this model has a built-in blower port that you can use for blowing the wind out to the outside. And in construction and workshop sites, this will be a very useful feature that you can use for cleaning applications.
  • The extra dual flex technology provides reaching even the hardest places with the 180 degrees of flexing hose without any kinking.
    •  The package includes these accessories in general;2-1/2 inches and 7 feet long vacuum cleaning hose
    •  POS-I Dual-Flex hose
    •  2 extension wand to reach the hardest places
    •  Utility nozzle that you can use for reaching different surfaces easily.
    •  Car nozzle that you can use for cleaning the different sections of the car in general.
    •  Wet cleaning nozzle.
    •  Muffler and diffuser to decrease the total sound that the machşne creates.
    •  Quick lock filter and dust collection bag.
  • Like the other models, it comes with 3 years of limited warranty.

Price: This is the biggest shop vacuum cleaner that Craftsman manufactures. The price is around $150. So, you need to pay more than $50 if you want to have a full-capacity heavy-duty shop vac in your garage.

Alternatives to the Craftsman Shop Vacuums

To see the advantages, disadvantages, and important features the Craftsman provides, we need to compare with the other shop vacuums of the different brands.

Craftsman versus DEWALT DXV06PZ Shop Vacuum

DEWALT 6 Gallon Shop Vac

DEWALT 6 Gallon Shop Vac

  • 6 Gallon of capacity.
  • 4 peak HP.
  • Blower function.

manufacturing the highest quality of power tools that you can find between the other brands. Also, they are manufacturing shop vacuums that you can consider as an alternative to the Craftsman.

  • This is a shop vac application that we can compare with the first version of the Craftsman that we reviewed. Because the gallon capacity and the peak HP are in the same class as that model.
  •  6 Gallons of capacity is lower than the Craftsman. For the same category, the Craftsman provides a much higher 9-gallon capacity.
  •  The maximum HP is also lower than the Craftsman.
  •  It comes with the same features as the blower function, dry and wte vacuuming, and the shop vacuuming functions.
  •  The power cord is 10 feet which will be very easy to reach the other points of the places where you are vacuuming.
  •  You can easily detach the cartridge filter and wash it by hand just like the Craftsman shop vacuums.
  •  Casters are high in quality so you can easily take them with you.

Price and Comparison: The price of the Dewalt shop vacuum is around $120. It is higher than the Craftsman shop vacuum like $20. And it provides lower motor power and lower capacity than the Craftsman.

DEWALT DXV16PA 16 Gallon Shop Vacuum

DEWALT 16 Gallon Shop Vacuum

DEWALT 16 Gallon Shop Vacuum

  • 16-gallon shop vacuum comparable with Craftsman.
  • 6.5 peak horse power.
  • 20 feet power cord.

This is the shop vacuum model of the Dewalt that you can use for the cleaning applications of bigger scales and heavy duty. We can compare this model of Dewalt with the heavy-duty shop vacuum of the Craftsman.

  • It comes with 16 gallons of capacity. So, it provides the same amount of capacity as the Craftsman.
  •  The peak HP is 6.5 which is also the same as the Craftsman. And you can see that the biggest and the most important features are the same in these two brands. So, the price and extra features will be a very important parameters.
  •  Mufflers are also reducing the noise of these shop vacuums.
  •  It has an easy carriage bar that the Craftsman does not have. You can easily model it to the different places in your garage and workshop.
  •  20″ power cord provides very good reach.
  •  Also, this model of the Dewalthave has a blower function.

Price and Comparison: If you want to buy this shop vacuum with all the accessories that it has, you need to pay around $195 to get them. If we compare it with the Craftsman, you need to pay $45 to buy the Dewalt. And you will have the same features as Craftsman.


While we are comparing the shopğ vacuums of the different brands, the important parameters are;

  • Price
  •  HP
  •  Gallon capacity
  •  Additional features

In general, we make our comparisons with another high-quality power tool provider DeWALT.


In terms of price, Craftsman provides the same capacity and features as shop vacuum cleaners at lower prices. So, if you have a low budget, you can decide to buy the Craftsman.

But also there are other shop vacs available from the different manufacturers for a much lower price. And if you have a limited budget for shop vacuums, you can consider the other brands which you can find even for $30-40.


HP of the shop vacuums gives an idea about the power of the suction. If the horsepower is high enough, the shop vac that you have much more suction power. With the increasing size and HP, the prices are also increasing.

So, you need to be sure about which kinds of applications you will use the shop vacuums. If you will only use it for your car, you do not need to look for bigger applications. The smallest model of the Craftsman will be enough for you. You do not need to pay extra money for the bigger applications.


It is the total capacity of the shop vacuum cleaner that you have. With the increasing gallon, the total capacity of the bag increases. You need to consider the place that you want to clean with the shop vacuum application. So, you need to apply it accordingly.

For example, if you clean a very wide area such as workshops or other kinds of bigger places, you need to have bigger gallons such as a heavy-duty Craftsman shop vacuum cleaner.

Additional Features

Most of the shop vacuum applications and products also provide different kinds of features such as;

  • Blowers
  •  Extension wands
  •  Changeable filters
  •  Changeable bags

Blowers are very useful while you re blowing out the dirt and dust to the outside of the place.

Extension wands can also be useful when you are cleaning narrow spaces and hard-to-reach places in your cars.

The ease of the change of the filters and bags is also very important. And you need to change them without using any extra tools.


These are the general points about the Craftsman shop vacuum models. You can select the proper one for your application. And also, you can compare with the other products and brands.

Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the Craftsman shop vacuums. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!





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