Create Chamfers Effectively In Siemens NX Sketching

Create Chamfers Effectively In Siemens NX Sketching

Chamfered structures and geometries are very common in sketching and design. Also Siemens NX provides a versatile tool to create chamfer geometries. In here, we explain how to create chamfer geometries in Siemens NX sketching with ‘Chamfer’ command.

How To Create Chamfers In Siemens NX Sketching?

Creating chamfer geometries in Siemens NX is very easy. But you need to open an active sketch in Siemens NX. If you opened an active sketch, you can use ‘Chamfer’ command at corners such as rectangle sketches like above.


Click on ‘Chamfer’ command as shown by green arrow above then specify the corner lines that the chamfer geometry will be created as shown by red arrows above.

By default ‘Symmetric’ option is adjusted as shown in red box above. In this option, you can enter a distance value for your corners. Also you can manually specify the symmetric chamfer geometry is you unclick the lock icon that is shown in blue box above.

Asymmetric chamfer geometries in Siemens NX.

If you select the ‘Asymmetric’ option as shown in blue box above, you can enter ‘Distance 1’ and ‘Distance 2’ values to obtain chamfer geometries like above. Locking and uınlocking logic is valid for here also.

Offset and Angle method to create chamfers in Siemens NX.

The third option to create chamfer geometries is the ‘Offset and Angle’ in Siemens NX sketching. You need to enter a first distance value and angle that will deifne the second distance.

When you finish the chamfering, you can press ‘Esc’ button from your keyboard.

Creating chamfer geometries in Siemens NX is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Siemens NX chamfer sketching below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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