Section Planes in ANSYS Mechanical

You can create section planes in ANSYS to see the situation inside the solid bodies. Here, we explain how to create section planes and edit them in ANSYS Mechanical to see inside the solid bodies, with a very basic example below.

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How to Create Section Planes in ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on the section plane in ANSYS Mechanical.
Click on ‘New Section Plane’ in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Firstly, to create a new section plane, click on the ‘New Section Plane’ command in the ANSYS Mechanical toolbar as shown by the red arrow above.

Create a section view.
Slice the geometry to create a section plane.

After clicking on the ‘New Section Plane’ command in ANSYS Mechanical, draw a slicing line as shown by the red arrow, that will slice the geometry to obtain a section plane perpendicular to the screen. The orientation of geometry is also very important to create the desired section plane.

So, you can see all thesection planes on the ‘Section Plane’ window as the green arrow above.

Creating section views is very simple in ANSYS.
Sliced geometry.

As you see above, we created the section plane with the slicing line that we drew in ANSYS Mechanical.

Section plane options.
Section plane options in ANSYS® Mechanical.

There are some options in the Section Plane window in ANSYS Mechanical. And then, if you click on the created section plane, the options available for section planes right to left, inside green box;

  • New Section Plane: You can create a new section plane with the same steps explained above.
  • Edit Section Plane: You can edit the selected section plane from the list.
  • Delete Section Plane: You can delete the selected section plane from the list.
  • Show Elements: By default, mesh elements divide into the created section plane. And then, if you click on this option, the section that we create will be like below;
Mesh elements.
Whole mesh elements are shown in the section plane.

Finally, as you see above, all the mesh elements that are coincident with the section plane wholly shown in ANSYS® Mechanical.


So, as you see above creating section planes is very easy in ANSYS Mechanical.

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NOTE: We use screenshots and images for educational and informative purposes. And also, images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I want to divide a pipe into 3 sections with 2 section planes,and only display the middle section. But it always displays two sections of them. What should I do to solve it?
    Thanks a alot.

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