Creating And Saving Animations In ANSYS® Analyses

Animations are very important aspects of FEA analyses that are performed with ANSYS® tools. To illustrate and show the results, ANSYS® provides some animation tools that you can create animation videos or GIFs easily. Here we explain the general animation generation options in ANSYS® Mechanical analyses. 

Generating Animations In ANSYS® Analyses


First of all, you need to build an FEA model in ANSYS® Mechanical and the solutions of these FEA analyses must be done. After that, you can view and save the animations of these results executed in ANSYS® Mechanical. 

As you see above, a very basic FEA analysis is executed in ANSYS® Mechanical. At below, you can see some animation options that you can monitor your animation.

These buttons are typical video options that you can see in each video player application.

You can adjust the quality of the video animation with this option. With the increasing frames, animation quality increases.

You can make your animation slower or faster by selecting the total video time from the above options. 

Exporting Animation To Your PC In Different Extensions

If you click on the ‘Export Video File’ button, as shown above, you can easily export your animation video with the adjusted quality and speed.

You can save your animation with the extensions of; mp4, wmv, avi and gif. Select the proper one for you. Enter the name of your animation, select the file location then save. 


The general options about the animations in ANSYS® can be summarized like this. 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the animations in ANSYS® Mechanical.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


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