Creating Dome Structures In Solidworks

Solidworks provides a tool called ad ‘Dome’ that you can create domes on 3D parts ar shapes. The use of ‘Dome’ command is very easy. In here, we will tell you from where to open the ‘Dome’ command in Solidworks and how to use it, with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Dome’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Dome’ command.

For example, we want to create dome-like shape on given basic geometry in Solidworks above. To do it, you need to enter into ‘Dome’ command.

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To open ‘Dome’ command in Solidworks, come with your mouse on ‘Solidworks’ logo as shown by red arrow above, and click on ‘Insert’ menu from opened ribbon bar. Click on ‘Features’ as shown by green box and click on ‘Dome’ command as shown in blue box above.

Enter the required parameters for ‘Dome’ command.

After entering into the ‘Dome’ command in Solidworks, enter the average radius of created dome structure on geometrical shape as shown in green box above. Then select the face that will be turned into dome-like structure as shown by green arrow above.

You can flip the direction of dome, and at above example, the direction of dome is turned concave shape. If you click on direction button as shown by red arrow above, the direction will turn into convex shape.

If you done with the adjustments, click on little green ‘Yes’ button as shown by orange arrow above to complete the process.

The dome-like shape is created as shown above in Solidworks. Creating dome-like shapes is very easy like above. Do not forget to leavee your comments and questions about dome-like shapes in Solidworks and ‘Dome’ command below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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